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Slip-Resistant Decking
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The closest thing to non-slip decking

Traditional timber decking can be a bit of a slippery customer. Grooved wooden deck boards are the perfect place for dirt and debris to collect, and in winter, the water in the grooves can freeze, causing the expanding ice to rise above the surface of the boards. Nice if you want a skating rink, but not very safe! If you want to avoid this problem and ensure that your deck is as safe as possible, TimberTech’s slip-resistant decking is the perfect choice for your garden.

Moisture resistant

Our decking is specifically designed to be as slip-resistant as possible. The boards take in minimal moisture (less than 1.2%), so they are much less likely to suffer from mould, algae, and other potential problems.

Perfect for jet washing

It’s said that power washing is the way to clean a wooden deck; unfortunately, power washing a wooden surface actually opens it up, making it even more absorbent and even more slippery. However, none of these problems apply to TimberTech’s slip-resistant decking: it looks just as good as hardwood, but it’s far more slip-resistant, and it can be power-washed with no ill effect.

Quick drying

When our slip-resistant decking gets wet, it dries incredibly quickly. Your deck will typically be completely dry within 30 minutes of a wash or a spell of rain; this makes our decking products ideal for pool and hot tub surrounds.

Conforms to British and European Standards

It is essentially impossible to create deck boards that are 100% slip-proof, and as such, there is really no such thing as ‘non-slip decking’ or ‘anti-slip decking’; however, our decking has achieved the best slip-resistance ratings in both Britain (BS 7976-2:2002) and Europe (DIN 51130 & DIN 51097), making it the closest thing on the market to true non-slip decking.

Our decking is the closest available thing to non-slip decking. Order your free sample now, or call 029 2080 3756 to speak with a member of the TimberTech team.
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