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How Much Does Composite Decking Cost?

Are you looking for the best composite decking prices on the market? If so, you’ve come to the right place – TimberTech’s prices are extremely competitive, and given the superior quality of our products, we believe that we offer truly excellent value for money.

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Is composite decking worth the price?

Many people are put off by the cost of composite wood decking. It’s true that good-quality composite boards are more expensive than some wood and plastic products, and with this in mind, you might be wondering why anyone would choose to pay composite decking prices when they could get something cheaper elsewhere.

The answer is simple, and can be summed up in one word: quality. The cost of composite wood may be higher than that of softwood or plastic, but those cheaper products simply can’t compete on quality.

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Invest in a composite deck

It’s true that you’ll make a short-term saving when you purchase cheap softwood decking instead of TimberTech’s composite products, but remember that the short term isn’t everything. It’s highly likely that the money you saved (and plenty more besides) will end up being spent on maintaining, repairing, and ultimately replacing your cut-rate deck.

Composite deck boards are specifically designed to avoid such problems, and we feel that the long-term benefits more than justify the higher price tag. Unlike a softwood deck, your TimberTech deck will never warp, rot, or decay; our decking material is weather-resistant and outstandingly robust.

You’ll also save yourself a fair bit of time. Timber decks have to be stained and sealed on a regular basis to stop time taking its toll on the wood; our decking, on the other hand, is made from a durable wood/polymer composite that needs practically no maintenance whatsoever. All you’ll need to do is give it a jet wash from time to time.

Our Composite Decking Range: Filter by Price

Our decking products vary in price depending on which boards you buy. Use the filters below to get an idea of how much each range costs.
VertiGrain 2£
EasyClean Terrain ££
Terrain+ £££

Choose deck boards that will last

Composite decking is an investment. The cost of composite decking may seem off-putting, but remember: you’re buying peace of mind. Paying a little bit more in the first place will prevent all kinds of headaches later on, and having a high-quality composite deck in your garden will make up for the initial cost and then some.

So if you’re planning to install a deck in your back garden, remember to buy for the long run. If you buy your decking from TimberTech, the deck will come with a 30 year guarantee against decay, rot and splintering, so you can rest assured that your deck won’t let you down.

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