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When researching what decking material is best for you garden, you’ll come across several suggestions that may leave you confused. If you’re wondering why wood composite and capped composite are far superior to timber and plastic, read on!

First there was timber decking, rife with issues such as rot, splitting and becoming very slippery. As attractive as a new timber deck may be, the maintenance required to keep it looking ship-shape often lessens the desire for this garden design.

Plastic Decking vs Capped Composite

To reduce the maintenance decking required, the market was flooded with synthetic plastic decking. A triumph over many of the problems of traditional timber decking, but plastic decking still has its share of issues from warping to the unfortunate loud creaking of the boards caused by excessive expansion and contraction. Cheap, hollow plastic hollow decking may seem like a good alternative to more expensive options, but this flimsy plastic will eventually cause you the problems you’ve tried so hard to avoid!

Following the continuing issues of plastic decking, composite decking came along as a great solution - combining both the strength of wood and the resilience of plastic. This makes the boards more eco-friendly than both wood and plastic whilst requiring no sealing, staining or sanding. TimberTech composite decking is also slip, scratch and fade resistant.

Despite the high quality of composite decking, advances in technology led to TimberTech developing capped composite decking. These boards are wrapped in a polymer sleeve that increases their durability and resistance to staining, scratching and fading.

Composite or timber

Why is Capped Composite the best decking?

This capped product is the easiest to maintain of all decking types, which means you can enjoy relaxing and entertaining in your garden, rather than worrying about the damage guests could cause. It no longer matters if your friends spill red wine or BBQ grease on your decking in the midst of a good time - you have the peace of mind that you can just wipe stains away from the fully covered capped surface!

We are so confident in the quality and longevity of wood and capped composite decking that we offer a 30 year warranty, so you can be assured your investment will last.

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