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Low-Maintenance Decking from TimberTech

TimberTech’s low-maintenance composite decking is a revolutionary alternative to wood and plastic decking that does not rot or splinter. Furthermore, our deck boards never require painting, staining or sealing, and unlike timber decking products, they are safe and slip-resistant in all weather conditions. These attributes ensure that our low-maintenance decking is the UK’s number one choice for residential and commercial projects alike.

Our composite deck boards are manufactured using recycled hardwood and polymer resin. These two ingredients combine to form an extremely hard-wearing product that’s capable of coping in practically any conditions; wave goodbye to dirty, slippery decking, because TimberTech’s high-performance products are here to make your outdoor living space significantly easier to look after.

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Other decking materials and their maintenance issues

Softwood Decking

Softwood Decking

Unlike the deck boards we supply here at TimberTech, softwood decking absorbs water from rain and snow (as well as from cleaning) and stays wet for long periods, meaning that the boards can become very slippery underfoot. These prolonged periods of wetness can also lead to the rapid build-up of mildew and mould, the spores from which will remain in the body of the wood even after the surface has been cleaned. Softwood decks will be the first to split and splinter, and while some ‘advanced’ treated softwoods are available, these will still require regular maintenance. Of all the decking options on the market, softwood boards are usually the shortest-lived.
Hardwood Decking

Hardwood Decking

Hardwood products are usually superior to softwoods, but they come with numerous issues of their own. One major drawback is the fact that hardwood deck boards mainly come from tropical forest areas, making them a very environmentally-unfriendly choice. Hardwood decking also requires a lot of maintenance (including an annual cleaning/oiling to preserve its features), and no matter how well you look after your hardwood boards, you can expect them to split and splinter drastically over time. This is not the case with TimberTech’s composite decking boards.
Plastic Decking

Plastic Decking

Many people think that plastic decking is the ultimate in low-maintenance decking, but TimberTech’s products easily outperform their plastic counterparts in all the key areas. For one thing, plastic decking cannot compete with the attractive appearance of our composite wood collection, but more importantly, PVC deck boards are prone to extreme expansion and contraction as the air temperature changes. This can seriously compromise the structural integrity of a deck, and plastic decking often bows and cracks, whereas TimberTech boards will remain strong and sturdy for year after year!

Less Work, More Life!

Here at TimberTech, our motto is ‘Less Work. More Life.’ Our low-maintenance decking products allow you to enjoy your outdoor space to the full without putting in hours of tedious maintenance work.

Looking after a traditional wooden deck can be very time-consuming indeed, but our minimum-fuss composite boards mean you can enjoy your spare time however you like!

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