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TimberTech vs. Hollow Composite Decking

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We often see people complaining about their composite wood decking because it has failed within just a few months of purchase. However, there’s an important difference between those deck boards and TimberTech’s high-calibre products: we only sell solid composite decking, which is naturally far superior to the cheap hollow decking that other suppliers sell.

Why is solid decking so much better than hollow boards? Read on to find out, or order a free sample to see and feel the quality of TimberTech decking for yourself!

Why settle for hollow deck boards? Our solid composite decking is far superior!

Solid composite decking

Superb Stability

Hollow composite decking has very poor stability, and these boards have a tendency to bow and crack over time. Solid decking, as you can probably imagine, is a significantly sturdier option that’s practically immune to cracking, splitting, and warping, giving it a far longer overall lifespan.
Hollow composite decking

25 Warranty

All our deck boards come with a 25 year residential warranty. The capped boards also benefit from an additional fade and stain warranty.
Solid decking

Better Value for Money

Hollow boards are generally cheaper than solid decking, but as we always say here at TimberTech, you get what you pay for. Hollow boards will need to be repaired and ultimately replaced within a short period of time, whereas solid composite decking will pay for itself with its extended lifespan and the lack of maintenance required to keep it in good condition.

Quiet Enjoyment

Here’s something that a lot of people don’t think about when they purchase hollow composite decking: it actually makes quite a lot of noise! If you’d rather not have a deck that clatters loudly whenever you walk on it, solid decking is a far better choice for you.
Hollow decking

Higher Load-Bearing Capabilities

Laboratory tests have proven that solid composite decking is the clear winner in terms of both load bearing capabilities and overall strength. No hollow decking material is capable of matching the properties of solid decking, so no matter how you’re using it, you can rest assured that your TimberTech deck will be able to take the strain!

Want to know more about our solid decking products? Contact us now, or order a free sample pack!!

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