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Hardwood Decking vs Composite Decking

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Thinking of using hardwood decking in your UK garden? Before you make a decision, we strongly recommend taking a look at what TimberTech decking has to offer – our composite wood decking is a cleaner, greener alternative to hardwood decking that looks just as good, lasts a lot longer, and requires far less maintenance. A perfect flooring choice for any UK home.

Why choose TimberTech over standard hardwood decking boards in the UK?

Hardwood decking

Easier to install

Hardwood decking can be difficult to install, often involving specialist tools, lots of time and considerable wastage – especially if you want a smooth, streamlined deck with no visible fasteners. With no knots to remove, every bit of the TimberTech board can be used; compared to hardwood decking, our products are easier to fit using standard tools, and the CONCEALoc® hidden fastener system allows for a quicker, easier finish that’s free of visible fixings.
Virtually maintenance free

Virtually maintenance free

Hardwood decking may look good, but to keep it looking that way, you’ll need to spend a lot of time (and money) stripping, cleaning and oiling it. This process requires a lot of effort, and it introduces potentially harmful chemicals to the ecosystem; our composite wood decking is a far superior option, requiring no more than an occasional sweep and wash to stay looking great.
Hardwood vs composite decking

Looks good for longer

After a few months in the great outdoors, hardwood decking naturally weathers, turning black or grey. Cleaning and re-oiling the boards will fix this, but a few months later, you’ll need to do it again. While TimberTech composite decking lightens a little during the first few months of its life, it stays exactly the same from then on. This is why our products generally come with longer warranties than hardwood deck boards.

Safer than hardwood decking

Hardwood decking can crack and splinter over time, thus posing a potential safety hazard. Wood can also become slippery from algae build-up, or simply from getting wet. Then there are the gaps between the boards, which may represent yet another hazard for inquisitive little fingers or high-heeled shoes.

Unlike hardwood boards, TimberTech’s composite wood decking has no grain, so it doesn’t split or warp. Our boards are slip-and algae-resistant, and they dry quickly when wet (TimberTech decking is saturated at 1.2% water and typically takes around 30 minutes to dry, whereas wood absorbs up to 50% water and takes a longer time to dry).

Hardwood decking products must be installed with a 6mm gap or more between the boards and at butt ends to allow for movement between being wet and being dry. TimberTech boards need only 3-5mm between boards, leaving no room for trapped fingers or heels.

All of these benefits of composite decking make using hardwood decking boards in the UK a thing of the past!

Side-by-side comparison

Watch our video to see for yourself the advantages of choosing TimberTech over hardwood decking.

Unlike wooden deck boards, TimberTech composite decking:

  • Requires virtually no maintenance
  • Resists damage from rot, mould and mildew
  • Doesn't fade or stain

You will get decades of use from your TimberTech deck, and all without ever having to stain or repair the boards.

The greener alternative to hardwood decking

Most hardwood decking is made from tropical timber, and as you’re probably aware, tropical forests are disappearing fast. Here at TimberTech, we source manufacturing wood waste from the furniture and flooring industries; this material, which would otherwise be headed straight for the landfill, is made into ‘wood flour’, which is then combined with polymer and used to make our great-looking, long-life composite decking products. Another great reason to choose composite over hardwood decking boards for your UK home.

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