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At TimberTech we consider ourselves experts on all topics related to garden decking – from manufacturing to installation, we have years of experience!

Our TimberTalk video series is our way of sharing that expertise with you. We’ve answered lots of the questions that people tend to ask about composite decking, so if you want to find out more about TimberTech and what makes it such a good choice for outdoor projects, give our videos a watch!
In our TimberTalk videos, we discuss a range of decking-related issues including maintenance, lifespan, and wear and tear. You’ll also find out how TimberTech composite compares to a variety of other decking materials. Pick a video to get our answers to your deck questions!

Composite Decking vs Plastic Decking

Cheap plastic deck boards can be appealing, especially because they require very little maintenance. But how do they really compare to TimberTech’s composite boards?

Which is Better: Composite Decking or Wood?

What does composite wood decking have to offer that traditional timber boards don’t? Our decking expert Sharif compares and contrasts these two popular options.

Hollow or Solid Composite Deck Boards?

Solid composite decking offers better performance and higher overall quality than cheap hollow products. Watch this video to find out why you should invest in solid boards.

Is Composite Decking Good Value for Money?

The price of composite decking tends to be a bit higher than that of certain other products. But what does the extra investment get you? Are composite boards good value?

How Much Maintenance Does TimberTech Decking Need?

One of composite decking’s biggest selling points is the fact that it requires almost no maintenance. TimberTech boards require only an occasional clean to stay beautiful.

How Long Does Composite Decking Last?

Composite decking has a relatively long lifespan, but of course, it does depend on whose product you purchase. TimberTech deck boards come with a 25/30-year residential warranty.

Do I Need to Worry About Wear and Tear?

One of our most frequently-asked deck questions! Wear and tear has been the downfall of many a beautiful garden deck, but don’t worry – TimberTech decking looks great even after years of use.

Can You Paint Composite Decking?

Our decking doesn’t need to be painted or stained to keep it looking good – that’s one of the best things about it! We do not recommend using paint on your TimberTech deck.

What is Capped Composite Decking?

As you may be aware, capped composite decking is quickly becoming one of the most popular options on the UK decking market. Watch our video to find out why.
Do you have any decking questions that we haven’t answered yet?
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