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Composite decking is the ultimate outdoor flooring, and we make it in some fabulous colours! One of the great things about wood composite decking is that it can be made into a wide selection of colours. This is great news for all you style-conscious home-owners, as it can really help you create a ‘wow-factor’! As you are dealing with Timbertech, you will be able to enjoy this awe-inspiring decking for years and years to come.

A unique feature on our dropdown menu allows you to search wood composite decking by colour – this gives you the opportunity to view some great images, and start visualising what would look best in your garden. We’d like to talk to you briefly about a couple of our colours, and why we think they would make a great asset to your outdoor space!

Cedar – This is perhaps one of the more popular shades of decking you’re likely to see, and it’s easy to see why! Cedar is an incredibly versatile colour that can lend itself to almost any residential or commercial property. With its soft, warm, and incredibly natural tone, it is hard to think of an environment that our cedar-wood couldn’t work in! If you opt for our edeck, the boards come with a brushed texture which really gives it that authentic wooden quality.

Grey – Our grey wood composite decking is a great modern alternative to more traditional wood-shades. You enjoy all the benefits of low maintenance decking, but in a bolder and more elegant shade that people won’t be used to. Our grey decking still has that beautiful textured look which mirrors real wood, along with providing your surface with a clean and distinct look. This decking oozes a certain contemporary-chic that will look its best against an ultra-modern building; though having said that, this shade is slate-grey after all, so would complement an older property too.

These are just our 2 main wood composite decking types, but of course we have several more to tempt you with! The main things you need to remember is we have a range of shades that will complement any property beautifully. Secondly – and perhaps most importantly – whichever shade of decking you opt for, you get the reassurance that it will require no maintenance, and last for decades to come!

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