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Composite decking

Composite decking is a highly popular option for modern decking; comprised of a blend of recycled plastic and wood fibres, its durable nature makes it a popular choice for people looking to embark on a decking project.

Another feature that makes composite decking so popular is its wide range of versatility in designs and styles. Composite decking can come in a variety of colours, even in colours and textures that are similar to other decking materials, such as wood.  

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As popular as it is, composite decking is also one of the more expensive decking options. So why exactly is composite decking more expensive than wood?


Cost of Composite Materials:

The prices of composite decking and wood decking vary depending on where you buy it and, particularly with wood, what type you’re looking to buy.

According to independent comparison websites, the average price for composite decking materials across the board is £70, whereas the average price for wood decking materials is £22.50.

That’s a pretty significant price difference, so… Exactly why are composite deck boards more expensive?


Why Are Composite Materials More Expensive?

So, why exactly is composite decking more expensive than wood? It all comes down to the production process; composite decking is just that, a composite. It's made up of recycled materials, plastic and wood fibres. The use of recycled materials and the process of manufacturing a material that is so durable and long-lasting is difficult and takes a lot of time and skill. The process on the whole is just a lot more complicated than chopping and shaping wood into planks. 


What About Installation Costs?

Whilst the costs for composite decking materials might be more expensive, when you take into consideration the costs of decking with installation, composite decking actually becomes the more financially viable option.

Since composite decking is designed and made to be low maintenance and easy to handle, the average cost of composite decking with installation is around £95 per m2, compared to wood decking which can cost up to £150 per m2, depending on the type of wood used.


How Does Maintenance Compare?

Wood decking requires complex annual maintenance, such as waxing and sealing with harsh chemicals that are bad for the environment. Even with all of this time and attention, wood decking is still prone to deforming and swelling with dampness, especially in a nation as damp and drizzly as the UK. Not only are the chemicals used to maintain wood decking bad for the environment, but they can be expensive when required to invest regularly over time. You'll find yourself spending a lot of your free time dedicated to maintaining your decking rather than enjoying it.

In comparison, composite decking is incredibly low maintenance. Its plastic blend material leaves it resistant to issues that often trouble wood decking, such as damp and rot. In the long run, this durability is saving you valuable time and money. Plus, you won't be using harsh chemicals that continuously impact the environment. It's a win, win! 


After taking everything into consideration, it’s only fair to come to the conclusion that whilst composite decking might be the more expensive material in terms of upfront costs, when it comes to maintenance costs, time, and overall longevity, composite decking is the best value for money.

Composite decking is the best option for anyone on the market for decking materials. Browse our wide range of composite decking options now! 

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