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Timbertech is quite simply the most superior composite decking available on the market today. We actually have scientific evidence that our composite decking performs better than timber, and other wood composite decking products out there. Here are just a few reasons just why you should choose Timbertech for your outdoor flooring:

Superior to Rivals

We are not completely opposed to timber decking, we just don’t understand why you would give yourselves so much more work when there are superior alternatives out there. Timber decking requires painting, sealing, and staining; plus you’re going to have to upkeep this annually to keep it in a decent condition. Composite decking stands up to water and sun damage brilliantly meaning you can enjoy its beautiful colour and appearance for years to come. As you don’t have to worry about the danger of your deck getting warped you need never replace boards – this means that our decking is the sensible long term investment.

Safety in All Conditions

The best thing about composite decking is that is provides your outdoor space with a slip-resistant surface. This means you can enjoy your decking in all elements making it suited to our changeable weather conditions. Timbertech decking also boasts splinter-free flooring – this offers you the freedom of roaming around without shoes on, should you want to. As well as the above, our flooring stays cool on our hottest days, and even reflects the sunshine to preserve its glorious colour. Timbertech really does provide a safe walking surface that you can get the most out of in all weathers!

Quality & Durability

We’ve already talked about how our composite decking is superior to timber, and this is all down to durability. Timber decking can look stunning, but for how long? Our decking offers you the same striking looks that could grace a multitude of outdoor spaces, but with longevity – guaranteed longevity! Our 25 year warranty comes as a result of our patented process that ensures consistent quality.

Viable Investment

If you have any worries about investing in our superior composite decking then we hope to have helped you understand the calibre of our product. Purchasing Timbertech is an investment in your own precious free time – why waste what little time we have maintaining a deck you could actually be enjoying? And it’s not only our enjoyment of our living space we’d be getting back either, as this decking also increases the value of your home. Remodelling Magazine did a cost vs. value report which estimated that decking additions give nearly 80% returns on their original investment. This means that the investment nearly pays for itself, as well as adding significant value to your quality of life along the way.

 It is very easy to be passionate about Timbertech because it is just so superior to its rivals. It offers you all the beauty of timber decking but with none of the maintenance; it provides you with a safe walking surface that can be enjoyed all year round; we’re also very happy to guarantee the premium durability and quality of the materials we use; and as if that wasn’t enough already, we know that with Timbertech you are getting more than just superior flooring – with our composite decking you’re investing in your time, and in the value of your home.

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