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TimberTech’s composite decking range offers the best in the current market. For those who seek decking with a real, flat wood grain finish, TimberTech’s Reliaboard decking offers the perfect solution, and it is currently on sale at a reduced price. Those who buy and take delivery by September will save £13.10 on the usual price of £65.46  per square metre. 

TimberTech’s Reliaboard is available in both Cedar and Grey finishes, both of which are characterised by the natural wood grain pattern that is almost indistinguishable from real grained timber. With Reliaboard comes the durability and virtually maintenance-free qualities of composite decking.



Despite its impressive similarity in appearance to traditional wood decking, Reliaboard is an up-to-the-minute composite alternative to timber. Composite decking is manufactured using recycled wood and plastics. This produces decking boards that are strong and weather-resistant, with a beautiful finish that rivals any traditional timber. 

As well as being resistant to the extremes of weather, Reliaboard composite decking is also durable in other respects. Reliaboard resists damage from water, mould, fungus and infestations that besiege traditional wood. Reliaboard does not need sanding, staining, sealing or renovating. This makes Reliaboard virtually maintenance-free. It is also resistant to staining and scratching, and special filters added to the composite material ensure stability of colour. 


The two colours in which Reliaboard is available – Cedar and Grey – make available options that will blend with almost every environment, and the traditional grained timber appearance will enhance its appearance in all surroundings. The two-colour options will also provide a perfect background for a wide variety of furnishings, decorative objects and plants, enhancing rather than limiting the designs and themes that are available to the customer. 

Like other composite decking materials, Reliaboard does not require specialist tools to work, and the same equipment used to work traditional timber are sufficient. 

Because Reliaboard is available in two profile types there are options available for fixing the deck boards to the frames. Boards with an ungrooved edge are fixed in the traditional manner using TimberTech’s TOPLoc screws that are colour-matched to the boards, making them hard to spot, whilst grooved-edged boards can be fixed using TimberTech’s ConcealLOC Fasteners which are invisible. Both systems leave the flat-grained surface of the boards unmarred by the fixing process. 

Reliaboard deck boards are sized at 136mm wide x 24mm thick x 3.6m long, but please note TimberTech boards are cut at a length of 3.66metres. This allows each board to be cut to a minimum length of 3.6metres. Boards can easily be cut to size before fixing, which is part of the recommended method of construction. 

Don’t miss out on this fantastic sale! The current sale price offers a reduction of 20%, with a saving of £13.10 per square metre. 

For more information, discussion of planned projects or other enquiries, contact TimberTech.



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