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We at TimberTech are very proud of our reputation as an environmentally friendly enterprise. A lot of decking products are decidedly unfriendly as far as the environment is concerned, and we're pleased to offer an alternative solution that consumers don't have to feel guilty about purchasing.

So what makes our decking such a green choice? It's all to do with the way it's made. Whereas the hardwood decking industry relies on deforestation, our eco-friendly composite wood decking is made of recycled materials, which means that no trees whatsoever are cut down to make TimberTech's high-performance deck boards. Instead, we use wood from the furniture and flooring industries that would otherwise be thrown away; this is then turned into wood flour and combined with high-grade polymers to create a truly outstanding product that's both stronger and greener than traditional timber decking.

Of course, reducing deforestation and keeping usable wood out of landfills are just two of the ways in which we fulfil our environmental responsibilities here at TimberTech. Here are some other examples of how we're minimising our impact on the world around us:

  • All of our packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Our recycled decking requires no chemical treatment, which keeps harmful agents out of the ecosystem
  • We are compliant with ISO 14001 standards
  • Our products have a significantly longer lifespan than other decking materials, reducing wastage
  • Our manufacturing processes use energy-efficient lighting and a closed loop water system
  • TimberTech's outdoor lighting products use low-voltage bulbs

As you can see, we really do lead the pack when it comes to being green. If you want to add a deck to your property without causing undue harm to the world around you, TimberTech's recycled decking is the perfect choice - click here to order a free sample, or visit our Eco Decking page for more information.

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