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Are you looking to spruce up the surroundings of your caravan or holiday home?

Modern decking has advanced from traditional timber and there are now a wide variety of decking solutions for constructing low maintenance holiday decks. Composite decking offers a huge improvement from traditional timber as it is made of a mixture of recycled wood and plastic polymers; this means that it is far more resistant to wear and tear and deterioration than traditional timber decking, and requires less preparation, treatment and maintenance. Our decking is primarily a combination of wood fibre and polymer with a combination of pure blended materials, high density hardwood and high density polyethylene; these contrasting strengths bring many advantages over softwood, hardwood, plastic or hollow decking boards. What’s our special recipe you might ask? The perfect mix between both hardwood and high density polyethylene.

TimberTech’s range of composite decking is available in two types and it is important to understand the difference. TimberTech’s traditional composite boards are made from a mixture of high density hardwood and polymer materials and are designed to emulate the look of wood. These boards are low maintenance and merely require a jet wash once a year to help keep them looking pristine.

The new generation of composite boards ‘capped composite boards’ are manufactured in the same manner as traditional composites – featuring high quality materials - high density hardwood and polymers as the inner core, but feature an additional layer - a durable polymer sleeve on all 4 sides of the board. The fact that the protective sleeve covers all 4 sides of the board is significant - as the sleeve on other non TimberTech products does not extend to all 4 sides, leading to the possibility of the board taking on more moisture.

It is also resistant to ultra violet light which will prevent fading of colour. TimberTech’s traditional composite board ranges - edeck, VertiGrain and Reliaboard feature a 25 year guarantee. Our Capped EasyClean range is guaranteed for 25 years and comes with additional fade & stain warranty.

If you want to build decking for your caravan that will last season after season with very low maintenance, our composite decking is the ideal choice. It is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes and will not creak and groan the way other decking can. What’s more we also supply a range of railing systems made from the same composite material to complete your deck.

All of this means that when you holiday at your caravan you can enjoy your deck without having to spend hours of precious time repairing, sanding, staining and repainting it. There are a wide variety of finishing products to compliment your deck such as rails and panels.

If you are interested in our decking call or email us today!

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