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TimberTech decking is ideal for use on roof terraces and balconies. Our decking is available in a wide range of colours and styles and this flexibility gives all the room required to accommodate virtually any design ambition. Composite decking is made from recycled wood and plastic polymers, so it has many advantages over traditional wooden decking; it is hard wearing and is not as susceptible to rot, wear and tear and damage through infestation as timber decking. Maintenance is also far less than with timber decking and there is no need for regular varnishing or painting. This combination of hard wearing materials and low maintenance make composite decking an ideal choice for roof terraces and balconies. As there is no wood exposed, there are no splinters to pose a threat, and surfaces are slip resistant, again making composite decking an ideal choice for areas such as balconies and roof terraces. Nor will our composite decking boards split or crack, and they are much more resistant to fading and staining than timber boards.

roof balcony decking

A deck for a balcony or roof terrace can be created using composite decking in the same way as with timber decking; no special tools are required, and in some ways it is easier to work with. Specialist fittings are available to make securing the decking boards to the supporting frame a simple matter.

roof terrace decking

The colours, patterns and styles in which composite decking is available make it an ideal choice for taking a creative approach; patterns and colours can be used to create a stylish and individual decked area for any rooftop or balcony. Steps, edging and railings are also available to complete any project and offer safety.

If you would like to use TimberTech for your balcony or roof decking project contact us now or click here to order a free sample pack.

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