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We share our gardens with a plethora of wildlife creatures, from birds and bees, right down to woodlice and trees– they all visit or make their homes in our outdoor areas. It’s our duty to take them into consideration when we create our gardens.

If you are someone who loves gardening and conservation then TimberTech decking is an excellent choice for you. Our decking is made in an eco-friendly and sustainable way and it requires little to no maintenance so you’ll have plenty of time to improve and enjoy other areas of your garden.

We want you to incorporate your decking into a flourishing and eco-friendly garden so we’ve put together a couple of ideas to inspire you.

Give plants a new lease of life in a decking planter

One of our favourite design features for any decked area is a planter created using decking! Planters provide valuable space for preserving established plants that you had to remove when installing your decking, but they can also give life to new plants and flowers too. Planters are at a convenient height for people who struggle to tend to ground level flower beds and are guaranteed to look great with minimal effort.

The picture you see here shows a planter made of decking that has been integrated into a bench design too. Using the same decking to create multiple features throughout your garden creates a polished look and also saves you buying unnecessary extra materials – making your garden even more eco-friendly!

Be conscious of the bees

Since you’ll have so much spare time to tend to your garden once you’ve installed your low-maintenance TimberTech composite decking, why not try your hand at creating a garden home for bees? Any type of shelter you can provide with small holes for them to explore will suffice. Bamboo and wooden are a great choice of materials for this project and won’t harm the environment. Get creative and add a bee home to your eco-friendly garden, then sit back, relax on your deck and watch the bees enjoy!

Feed the birds

Whether you’re an avid or part-time bird watcher, you can do your bit for the birds by introducing bird feeders and water tables to your decking. Bird feeders are a great way of attracting unusual and interesting species of birds for you to look at, and giving them a little extra calorie boost is sure to help struggling populations grow! You can make a bird feeder using pretty much anything, recycle an old bottle tray or dish and simply fill it with bird feed and watch the birds flock!

Give hedgehogs a home

In the winter, hedgehogs need a place that they can safely hibernate. Now that you’ll have plenty of time to get creative, why not create a hedgehog shelter in a shaded area of your garden? These will be a great asset to your eco-friendly garden all year round – providing a place for hedgehogs to rest out of the sun, breed and sleep in summer.

Do these ideas make your keen to get out and enjoy your garden? Why not speak to our 3D design team about creating an image to show you how your garden would look when once completed, for FREE! Click the button below to request a 3D deck design.

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