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Traditional timber requires a lot of work to make it look its best, and whatever the quality of timber used, it can all too easily fall prey to deterioration. It also requires regular and extensive maintenance. That’s why so many people look to artificial or composite alternatives to traditional timber when looking to build outside projects such as decking areas. But there is still the issue of finding an alternative to wood that has an authentic wood look to it. 

Reliaboard is a new product that meets the needs of those seeking an alternative to real timber that also has a traditional, authentic wood look. Reliaboard is a composite decking board that is characterised by an extremely realistic wood grain surface that makes it almost indistinguishable for wood from contemporary timber decking boards.

Like other composite decking, Reliaboard is made from an extremely tough combination of recycled wood and polymers. This makes Reliaboard extremely tough and durable. It does not need to be sealed or treated, will maintain its colour and can easily be hosed or jet washed. Reliaboard, like other composite decking materials, is extremely resistant to damage from fungus, infestation and rot. This means that, whatever pattern Reliaboard is laid in to make the decking surface, the natural wood-grain effect surface will remain in excellent condition for many years without any special maintenance. 

Working with Reliaboard does not require any special tools; it can be cut and worked the same as traditional timber and other composite decking boards. Reliaboard comes in two colours: grey and cedar, and it is available in both grooved and non-grooved finish. 

Reliaboard can be fixed using a concealed fitting system of fasteners, or by using screws that are colour-matched to the decking board surface. This means that fixings are not intrusive and do not spoil the beautiful effect of the natural wood-grain pattern on the surface of the boards. 

For anyone looking for a hard-wearing, durable decking material that does not require preparation and maintenance, and that will look as good as traditional timber with an authentic wood grain look, Reliaboard offers the perfect solution. The ease with which it can be cut, worked and fitted means that most decking projects can be completed quickly and with a minimum of difficulty, regardless of whether undertaken by professional fitters or the DIY builder.


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