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Here at TimberTech UK, we pride ourselves on being the composite deck experts. We truly believe that composite products are the best available option when it comes to decking, and we’re always happy to back that belief up with facts! We get asked quite a few questions about composite wood and the way it works, so allow us to put some of the more common concerns to bed...

Isn’t composite decking expensive?

While it’s true that softwood decking is a little cheaper than the products you’ll get from us, it’s worth bearing in mind that cheap decking isn’t always good decking. Inexpensive wood decks may save you some money now, but you could well end up spending that money (and more besides) on maintenance and repair further down the line. Composite decking costs more to begin with, but it requires a lot less looking after, and this will save you cash in the long run.

I don’t want my deck to look plastic and fake.

Don’t worry, it won’t! We understand that appearances are important, and we find the natural wood look just as appealing as you do. That’s why we only stock deck designs that look as close to wood as possible – if you’re concerned that your garden deck will look unpleasantly artificial, take a look at our various photo galleries and they should (hopefully) convince you otherwise.

Is it difficult to install?

Composite decking installation is actually reasonably straightforward, but don’t worry if you’re not big on DIY – TimberTech’s experienced installation team will gladly build your deck for you.

What if my deck starts rotting or decaying?

Well, that shouldn’t happen – one of composite decking’s big selling points is its durability – but if it does, don’t panic. All TimberTech decks (except for commercial installations) come with a 25 year warranty as standard, and that even carries over to the new owner if you decide to up sticks and move house. Our decks are designed to last for decades, and we’d be just as shocked as you if your deck started falling apart!

If you have any further questions about composite decking, check our FAQ page or give us a call on 029 2037 1584. We’ll do whatever we can to allay any fears you’ve got left!

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