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Decking by the sea

Decking has long been a favourite for outdoor design in the UK. However, its track record against the British weather has been somewhat...mixed. Wood is a very absorbent material, and this can cause problems for a hardwood deck over time.

Luckily, composite decking tends to be far more water resistant.

Why choose composite decking?

Composite decking from TimberTech is made from a combination of natural hardwood and synthetic materials.

The resulting product is a deck board that offers all the beauty of natural wood, but with added durability.

These hard-wearing characteristics allow composite deck boards to maintain their aesthetic appeal long into the future, requiring minimal maintenance along the way.

And the semi-synthetic nature of these board can also be especially useful when it comes to resisting moisture.

Is composite decking more water resistant than wood?

Standard wooden decking may be susceptible to rot if repeatedly exposed to heavy moisture, and if the boards get wet during a period of cold weather, the liquid that enters the wood can freeze and expand, causing the boards to crack.

Traditional timber deck boards also have a high risk of warping, leaving you with a deformed surface that's uneven, misshapen, and structurally unstable.

Composite decking, on the other hand, is far more resistant to these kinds of issues. With an absorption rate of less than 1.2%, each board is specifically designed to withstand the demands of the notoriously damp British climate.

TimberTech's composite deck boards never need to be sealed or treated for weather protection, making them the perfect flooring option for your outdoor living space.

Slippery when wet?

Not only is our composite decking extremely water resistant, it's also slip resistant, making it ideal for use alongside hot tubs and swimming pools.

With a textured finish, these moisture-resistant boards provide better traction and grip than their solid wood counterparts.

This is especially true of TimberTech's capped composite decking range, which boasts a protective polymer sleeve for additional anti-moisture attributes. Any spills can simply be wiped away!

Any water spilled on the surface remains on the surface, preventing board damage. The surface water simply evaporates and is usually completely dry within 30 minutes.

Not only does this add to the safety of your outdoor enjoyment, it also inhibits the growth of unsightly mould and mildew on the deck itself.

Functional fashion

With a wide range of colours, designs and finishes available, you can personalise your outdoor aesthetic without having to choose between fashion and functionality.

TimberTech decking boards also feature reflective, inorganic pigments, dramatically reducing heat build-up, making them notably cooler and more comfortable to walk on in the sunny weather.

If you need a stylish, water-resistant solution for your hot tub surround or poolside area, capped composite decking from TimberTech is the ultimate solution that won't leave your deck in hot water.

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