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Is Composite Decking Fireproof?

For those of you who are looking to add a new deck to your property, the chances of wanting a decking material that can stand up to elements are high. I mean, who wants deck that is going to fall apart at the first sign of a storm, right? Right. So, knowing whether or not your deck can withstand the challenges that Mother Nature brings is sure to be a huge selling point. One of the many questions that you may ask in that regard when looking to add a composite deck to your property is whether composite decking is fireproof, or at least fire-resistant, especially if you live in a climate where situations involving fires such as bushfires are a common possibility. Here, we explain how decking materials are tested and rated and whether or not composite decking is in fact fireproof.

Deck Fire Ratings

Since regulations surrounding fire and building materials were introduced, an increased amount of deck materials have improved to meet the required standard. The majority of composite decking manufacturers, like us here at TimberTechUK, fire test products so that a flame spread index rating can be assigned to them. This rating indicates how a material acts when it is burned and can be grouped into the following five classes:

  1. Class A flame spread rating 0-25
  2. Class B flame spread rating 26-75
  3. Class C flame spread rating 76-200
  4. Class D flame spread rating 201-500
  5. Class E flame spread rating over 500

0 being the best rating and 500+ being the worst. Composite materials are generally high in plastic which possess a high heat release rate, meaning the intensity of the heat it gives off is increased and more likely to ignite. In order to reduce this, composite decking manufacturers add fire retardants to the inner decking materials. Here at TimberTech, our collection of composite decking boards not only look stunning but are manufactured with the highest quality of composite materials, which undergo stringent tests to determine their effectiveness when exposed to fire. As a result, our composite deck boards have received a Class C Flame Spread Index rating.

All-Weather Resistant

TimberTech’s range of composite decking is also extremely resistant to other types of weather conditions, including rain, frost and wind. This makes our decking products an ideal choice for an outdoor living space no matter where you live or the climates you face. Through the combination of real wood flour and polymer resin, we create quality boards that are robust and long-lasting. Our capped boards even come with a protective sleeve to ensure additional security to the composite core. You can learn more about our long-life deck boards below!

Our Long-Life Deck Boards >


For more information on our range of fire-resistant composite decking, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the TimberTechUK team today!

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