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Choosing a garden design that is right for you can be difficult; it’s the same as decorating a room in your house, only it can be harder again as gardens require more regular upkeep, so you want to make sure you have a garden worth nurturing!

A great way to get around this design dilemma is to turn your outdoor space into 3 gardens by sectioning it off. Now we realise that not everyone is gifted with the space to perform such feats, but even the smallest garden has the potential to offer several different designs in one space.

Here at TimberTech, we offer both composite decking and a range of stunning paving options, but when asked for our favourite choice of outdoor flooring we struggled to narrow it down, so we thought… why not have both?

The typical British garden is fairly long, narrow and lends itself beautifully to being stylishly split up. Here’s an example: the first section of your garden that adjoins your house could be a patio, and here you could enjoy the sumptuous solidity of porcelain or natural stone slabs; for the next part of your garden (the middle bit) you could either have some turf for greenery, or perhaps a plant lined path scattered with attractive loose stone; and for the final section you could use luxurious decking and enjoy having a seating area as far away from the house as possible!

Of course this is just an example, and you could switch up the orders and sections in any way you see fit, as well as adding your own elements altogether! Why not think about incorporating wicker, bamboo, brick, wood chippings, steps, or even a vegetable patch? Come up with your own tailored designs!

The beauty of dividing your garden up in this manner is that it allows you the freedom to enjoy several different kinds of garden design in your very own outdoor utopia! It’s also a great way to experiment with a new type of material or flooring surface without having to go through the labour of doing your entire garden!

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