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Decking lights

If you're adding a deck to your back garden, it's a good idea to include some built-in decking lights. Not only do they look great, they'll also make your deck safer to use after the sun has set - an important consideration if you plan to spend a lot of evenings on your new deck.

One question we're often asked is how far apart our LED deck lights ought to be placed. Can the lights sit right up close to one another, or is a bit of social distancing called for?

Decking light cable length

Each of our decking lights is supplied with a 1m cable. These cables can be 'daisy-chained' together to create a network of lights that covers your whole deck.

Because each cable is 1 metre long, the maximum distance between two connected deck lights is 2 metres.

Of course, you can put your decking lights closer together than that if you wish. Don't go overboard, though - too many lights with too little space between them will make your deck look like an airplane landing strip!

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Want to see what our decking lights look like after dark? Check out these before and after photos of one of our recent projects!

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