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Autumn arrived some weeks ago, and winter is already on its way. But does the inevitable cold weather mean that we should all stop going outside? Does it heck! We at TimberTech believe that time is better spent outside; you’re welcome to stay at home with a blanket and a mug of hot chocolate if you’d prefer, but the rest of us are going to zip up our jackets and continue to enjoy the great outdoors as per usual. The hot chocolate will taste all the better afterwards!

Of course, autumn’s outdoor activities are rather different from those that summer has to offer. But there’s still plenty to do beyond your front door, and no matter who you’re out with, you need never be short of diversions on a crisp autumn day. Here are a few fun ways to fill the coming weekend:

  • If you have children...
    Britain’s autumn weather may not be as inviting as the sweltering summer climate we experienced this year, but if your kids are happy to brave the cold, the world will be their playground for the next month or so. They can search for conkers, collect pine cones, spot the squirrels getting ready for winter, and – of course - scrunch through piles of fallen leaves.

  • If you're with a group of friends...
    Drive out to the countryside (or walk, if you live in a reasonably rural area already) and search for blackberries to pick. Once you’ve got a good haul, head back to someone’s house and turn the fruit of your labour into a delicious crumble! Ideally, at least one member of your party will be a semi-talented chef, but even if you’re clueless in the kitchen, you can still enjoy the thrill of spotting and harvesting a particularly juicy blackberry.

  • If it's just you and that special someone...
    Find your nearest park and go for a romantic walk. The world really is rather beautiful at this time of year, and it's even better when you're arm-in-arm with someone you love. Oh, and no matter how old you are, scrunching through piles of fallen leaves never ceases to be exceptionally enjoyable. It's up there with bubble wrap.

  • If you're on your own...
    Just grab your iPod (other portable music devices are available), put your headphones on (we recommend big, over-ear headphones since they double as earmuffs) and go outside for a bit. By the end of your music-assisted constitutional, you'll feel enriched and ecstatic. Give it a try, and have a great weekend!
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