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At Timbertech, we like to think that we are committed to outdoor living, and promoting healthy outdoor lifestyles. This may seem like a lot easier task come the summer; the sunshine seems to bring people out in swarms, but we'd like to see people enjoying the benefits of outdoor living now in the Autumn!

We think our whole outdoor lifestyle philosophy is too summer-centric - this is a shame, as in blighty we don't really get much of one, do we? Not only that, but if you're only willing to explore the outdoors in the summer, then you're going to be cooped up for 9 months of the year, and that surely that can't be healthy! Here are a few of our tips to enjoying the outdoors post-August time!

- Make Occasions Alfresco

Okay, eating outside in December and January may seem more Alfrosto than Alfresco, but there are still opportune moments! Halloween and Bonfire nights provide ample opportunities for making the most of your outdoor space. Instead of watching the fireworks and then going in, wrap up warm, light a fire, and enjoy everybody else's dazzling displays too!

- Dress Up Hot

We are sure most of you enjoy dressing up hotly all-year-round, but in Autumn, it can really help you to get up out of that house, and inhale some fresh Autumnal fumes! We suggest lots of layers, and gloves and hats for warming those extremities!

- Enjoy All Seasons

This one is more of a mind switch, than a practical one, but in many ways this is the most important obstacle. You need to find beauty and tranquillity in all of the seasons; it's all very longing for a hot summers evening, but we find the backdrop of an autumnal forest scattered with red and rusty palettes of leaves just as exciting!

It's quite simple really, stick on some warm clothing, light up an outdoor fire, and embrace Autumn for the beautiful season that it is!



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