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do deck lights get hot when they're switched on

If you're thinking about adding a deck with built-in lights to your garden, you're probably wondering if they'll get hot when they're switched on. After all, most lights get hot when they're on, so deck lights must do too - right? Well, not exactly. Our deck lights are LEDs which means they're unlikely to be hot to the touch when they're switched on.

Why don't LEDs get as hot as other lights?

One of the main reasons why LEDs (and consequently deck lights) don't get as hot as other types of bulb, is because they're far more energy-efficient. Halogen bulbs and fluorescent bulbs consume a lot of energy, but it's less efficiently transformed into light energy - that means more of it is emitted as heat & infrared light. It is this that causes traditional bulbs to get so hot!

In comparison, LEDs do not emit infrared light and are up to 80% efficient at creating light energy, which means they produce far less heat. Sadly, LEDs aren't 100% efficient at creating light, but they're often fitted with a heat sink that takes heat away from the bulb and other elements. With this heat sink in place, you can be fairly confident that the LEDs in your deck won't feel hot to touch when they're switched on.

coloured deck lights

Our energy-efficient LED deck lights

Here at TimberTech, we provide a wide variety of energy-efficient deck lighting that can be installed directly into your deck boards! As you can see from the picture above, the lights are flush to the surface of the decking, making them an excellent outdoor lighting option for modern gardens. Our customers have been known to use our deck lights to illuminate paths, steps and driveways. They're ideal for illuminating any outdoor area, and can even be walked on barefoot because, as we've explained, they're unlikely to get hot!

At present, we supply our deck lights in 5 different colours, which allows you to pick and choose the mood for your garden space. Amber light creates a soft glow that's perfect on warm summer nights, while blue or green lights twinkle beautifully near water features and pools. In addition, we also supply our deck lights with either clear or frosted glass, allowing you to create bold or diffused light. Our deck light kits come in sets of 4, 8 or 10 and you can combine multiple sets to really bring your deck to life. 

Other key features of our deck lights include:

  • 24V lights that can be installed up to 100m away from the power source
  • IP67 rated & fully encapsulated (so they won't be damaged by water)
  • Remote operation using an on/off key fob
  • 2-year warranty

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 So to answer the question, do deck lights get hot when they're switched on - no they don't! They're very energy-efficient and will transform the look and feel of your decking completely. If you don't have a deck installed yet, be sure to get in touch with the TimberTech advisors.

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