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While our garden decks alone are enough to reinvigorate your garden space, they are made even better by adding some great garden accessories to help set them off! From planters to shelves, there are some fantastic ornamental garden accessories to be found online, a few of which we've listed below to give you some ideas!

Luxurious Planters From Foras

These incredible slate planters lend and air of sleek modernity to your deck, while also adding a hint of natural glamour with their enchanting marbled appearance. The combination of design and quality makes them an excellent choice for your deck, providing you with an impressive way to display your plants.

Pretty and Practical Cushions From Izabela Peters 

If you would like to use your deck as a dining or seating area, a great way to make it feel extra homely is by adding some colourful cushions. While you may be concerned that soft furnishings won't withstand the damp climate, you needn't worry with these cushions, which are as resilient to rain as our own garden decking! Treated with an anti-fungal agent and easily wiped clean, these lovely, floral cushions are the perfect way to perk up your outdoor seating. 

 Quirky Vintage Deckchairs From Hen & Hammock

While an ornamental deckchair from your local antique shop may look great on your deck, they will often be to fragile to use, remaining purely ornamental in value. We know that deck space is valuable to our customers, as is their safety, which is why we tracked down these lovely vintage style chairs from Hen&Hammock. Preserving the retro-chic look of the seaside while remaining safe and practical, these chairs are a great choice for garden parties and picnics!

  Ornamental Display Stands from Perrywood 

If you're looking for a clever and unusual way to create stunning flower displays, then why not get one or both of these quirky stands from Perrywood? The delightful, little pushcart-shelf on the left is perfect for adding lots of little terracotta pots, while the bike planter makes an excellent and unusual way to arrange clusters of flowers. 

 Steel and Rose Watering Can From Gardens2You

We love items that are both pleasing to the eye and handy for maintaining the garden, which is why we had to include this lovely steel watering can on our list. The vintage style of the can adds a healthy dose on nostalgia to your outdoor space, while the rose gold details bring a unique modern touch to the garden accessory. Thanks to the whether resistant quality of the material, it can also withstand the more unforgiving conditions, allowing you to have it on display and at-hand all year round!

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