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Opting to install a deck in your outdoor space is a great decision, but the decking doesn't have to be the only part of your garden that you use. A resplendent garden deck and a verdant green lawn can live side-by-side in harmony - they serve different purposes, and using the two together could easily make for the greatest garden imaginable!

So what's the best way to do it? Many people opt to use their deck as an extension of their home, installing it directly adjacent to their property and perhaps adding some bifolding doors to create a nice transition between the two. A table and a couple of chairs is all it takes to transform the deck into the perfect outdoor seating area; a great place to relax on a sunny, with a book in one hand and a glass of something cold in the other.

The rest of the garden can be used as...well, a garden! You can add plants and flowers around the borders to make it a little more beautiful, while the lawn itself will make a great place for your children to play. And if you don't have any children, you'll find that the world is full of great ways to decorate a bare garden lawn; from statues to water features to garden arches, there are all kinds of options for the budding exterior designer!

So instead of replacing your garden altogether, why not simply use decking to add an attractive extra dimension? Adding a TimberTech deck is a fantastic way to get the most from your outdoor space!

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