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If you're not particularly DIY-inclined, don't let that keep you from having beautiful composite decking in your back garden. Our composite decking products are actually not too difficult to install, but you don't have to tackle the decking installation process at all if you don't want to - you're more than welcome to let our experienced decking installation team handle it for you.

Decking Installers

Neil and Jac are TimberTech's professional decking installation duo, and they've been working with wood products like composite decking for decades. As TimberTech employees, they know exactly how our composite decking products work, ensuring that every decking installation they carry out is smooth and efficient.

And once the decking installation is done and dusted, you'll be pleased to discover that your new composite decking products require almost zero maintenance! Just keep your deck tidy, and give it a wash every now and then, and you'll be laughing. TimberTech composite decking is the perfect product for the DIY-averse, so start planning your deck today, and rest assured that our decking installation experts will handle the hard bits!

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