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On the deck in spring

Spring is here, and the weather has taken a very welcome turn for the best! With the sun finally out, now is the perfect time to spend a little quality time on your deck; here are a few ideas for how best to spend these sunny days:

  • Host an outdoor dinner party: Given how few opportunities we Brits get to do so, it's easy to forget how nice it is to eat outdoors. An al fresco dinner party is spectacularly easy to set up - just place a table and a few chairs on the deck and you're ready to go! Bring your food out from the kitchen course by course, or - if you don't feel like cooking - buy a selection of picnic food and have your own outdoor buffet!

  • Have some drinks on the deck: Now that the evenings are getting warmer, you and your friends should have plenty of opportunities to crack open a bottle and watch the sun go down. Wine always tastes better when you're drinking it outdoors!

  • A spot of sunbathing: It's hard to resist catching a few rays when there are actually rays to catch! A deck makes the perfect place to sprawl on a lounger with a good book, a magazine, or just a pair of sunglasses and the fresh air!

If you don't have a deck, don't worry - there's still time to transform your garden in time for summer! Click here to order a free sample of TimberTech's composite decking, or contact us to find out more about what we can do for you and your outdoor space.

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