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The garden deck is both a practical and beautiful addition to your home and its surroundings. A well-designed deck creates an area of interest in what might otherwise be a banal stretch of ground, and a focus for plant arrangements, lighting and seating. The deck is invariably an extension of the main house, a way of bridging that chasm between indoors and outdoors. A deck can be straightforward, just a simple platform across rough garden terrain. You may want to extend your indoor living area by placing the deck outside of a French door. You may want an even deck or a tiered deck, a regular rectangle or a fashionable, hexagonal shape. Whatever deck you choose, you want to get it right.

The deck should be in keeping with the character of the main house and proportioned so that it does not overwhelm the garden. At the same time, the deck must support furniture, plants and the other features you require. A deck raised more than one foot above the ground may need a railing for both aesthetic and safety reasons. If it is higher than this, your deck will require steps and a balustrade. At TimberTech we offer low-maintenance composite decking, the perfect choice for any outdoor space!

A well-laid deck can last between twenty and thirty years, which is why it is worth getting it right from the beginning. Being able to visualise the deck in advance is a significant step forward for the homeowner. The CAD team from the Timber Tech 3D design lab will help you get your deck idea off of the ground. To avail of this free service, you provide the team with all of your deck requirements and dimensions, and we create a 3D image of what the structure will look like. If you don’t like it, we simply start again.

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