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Rainy day

If you think you hate the British weather, just imagine how the garden decks of this country must feel. Not only do they get rained on every few days, they're also exposed to a very wide range of temperatures over the course of year; our summers are hot, our winters are cold, and these two extremes (compounded, of course, by the aforementioned rain) can quickly leave a traditional timber deck looking warped, faded, and very sorry for itself.

Fortunately, our composite decking is different. TimberTech's patented manufacturing process produces deck boards that are extremely well-suited to the British climate - whatever the weatherman predicts for your part of the country, you'll never have to worry about what it will do to your TimberTech deck!

Why? Because our composite deck boards are...


Britain may not be known for its hot and sunny weather, but we do get the odd warm spell, and this can leave wooden boards looking warped and unsightly (especially when things brighten up directly after a shower). However, this doesn't apply to TimberTech decking, which is made of polymer resins as well as wood fibres. Our boards are also UV-resistant, which prevents their colours from fading in the sunlight.


Why worry about water damage? Our composite decking is far less absorbent than wooden decking materials; instead of permeating the deck boards and causing unsightly stains, moisture simply remains on the surface of the deck, where it quickly evaporates without doing any damage.


With winter on its way, hardwood decks across the country will be increasingly prone to ice and frost issues over the coming months. These decks must be sealed to protect them from cracking and breaking in cold weather, whereas TimberTech's composite decking NEVER needs to be sealed (regardless of the temperature!)

Click here to order a free sample of TimberTech's composite decking, or email info@timbertechuk.co.uk to find out more about our products.

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