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Composite deck is a great way to give your garden a much-needed spruce! Don’t get us wrong, decking in general can help embellish your outdoor living space, but our composite deck will keep looking its best for years to come!

When we talk about composite deck we are referring to Timbertech’s quality garden decking. Timbertech deck is actually made up of a variety of cellulose materials which includes hardwood flour and polyethylene; we then use our patented process to create our unique flooring which outperforms timber decking in every department!

That’s all the technical stuff, and the performance of our composite decking backs this all up completely. However, what our decking can also offer you is a massive transformation of your outdoor living area – and because our composite deck is backed by a 25 year warranty it’s a transformation that will last! It’s all very well investing time and money into outdoor improvements, but if you have to work hard every year to maintain them then some of the enjoyment is lost.

The difference that our decking can make to your outdoor space really is grand. The clean, solid, and natural-looking flooring that our decking provides cannot be underestimated! We suggest taking a look around our site and through our galleries to help you visualise the rebirth you could give your garden. Start thinking about how much more you would enjoy your outdoor space if you made it more habitable – there is no better way to do this than by resurfacing an area with gorgeous composite decking.

Not only will you be improving the aesthetics, but you will also be creating less work for yourself. We’ve already talked how little maintenance Timbertech needs compared with other decking, but let’s not forget it doesn’t need watering, mowing, or de-weeding either!

Transform your garden, and your enjoyment of being in the great outdoors, with Timbertech.

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