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When people ask us what it is that is so special about our composite boards, we’re more than happy to tell them! We truly believe our composite boards are the most exquisite outdoor flooring material available, and really do bring a piece of decking heaven to your outdoor area! We could quite literally rabbit on for pages and pages about our decking, but for your sanity – and perhaps ours – here a few concise points that should make your mind up for you.

Low Maintenance Composite Boards - The fact that our decking is so low maintenance is a real clincher for a lot of people! If you have ever owned timber decking, you will know just how much work goes into treating and staining the wooden boards. Being a natural material, timber absorbs plenty of water, and this equals water-damage, as well as an infinite number of possible stains.

Our TimberTech decking is manmade, and although it looks identical to timber decking in appearance, beneath that exterior it has a lot more going on! The patented mix of wood flour and polyethylene ensures that our deck stands up brilliantly to the elements. This ability to resist the weather means you won’t have to dedicate a couple of days every year to your deck – it is in this sense that our composite boards offer you less work, and indeed more life!

Strong Aesthetics – We understand that today’s world is an image-conscious one, and luckily for you our composite boards are very 2013! While we have plenty of critical things to say about the performance of real wood decking, we cannot fault the natural charm they give your garden; it is for this reason that our decking has been made to look near-identical to real wood!

Better still, as ours is a manufactured material we have the ability to make it in Grey, Cedar, Redwood, Chestnut, Oak, Silver, and even Slate colours – all the while our composite boards are retaining their famous durability in all manner of beautiful shades.

Wise Investment – What if we said you could make up to 80% returns on your investment when/if you were to sell your home, would that interest you? It turns out our superior decking material is not just an investment in your time, but in the value of your home as well! Our decking also comes with a 25 year guarantee – so even if you are sure you wouldn’t be selling your home in the next few years, you have plenty of time to reap those benefits. Plus, even if you are staying-put, it says a lot about the quality of our decking that it can demand such large increases on the value of your home.

Can you now see why we are so passionate about TimberTech decking? It literally does blow all other competitors out of the water – and then protects your decking from the splash-back.  In so many areas of our lives we are told to invest in the future, and with composite decking you can see why it is worthwhile. Save yourselves the effort of upkeep, enjoy your beautiful-looking deck, and take comfort in knowing your investment is a viable one, all with TimeberTech’s composite boards.

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