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Who said you had to stick to one colour of decking boards? We certainly didn’t. In fact, one of our favourite things is when a customer comes to us with an idea on how to combine two of our composite decking colours for a mixed decking design. We’re in love with all the mixed decking designs we’ve done so why not explore the option yourself? It’s sure to add an extra flair to your outdoor space! 

mixed decking

What is Mixed Decking?

Mixed decking is simply combining decking in two different colours to create a specific design. This can range from trimming the edges in a different wood colour or more intricate ideas such as diamonds, dramatic stripes or whatever you can think of! Our team of decking experts are here to bring to your decking vision to life so why not have fun and experiment?

Can I Mix Any Decking?

In theory, you can mix whatever colours you’d like to create your mixed decking design. Most of our ranges come in at least two colours so it’s easy to find a colour combination you’ll love. This mix and match approach can provide striking designs in every garden. You’ll love the unique and modern aesthetic TimberTech composite decking can bring to your outdoor space. 

What Design Should I Use?

Your design choice is yours to make. Common designs include using a different colour of composite decking around the outside in a style known as ‘picture-framing’. Other’s have “drawn” squares into their decking using a contrasting colour. Despite its dramatic effect, it’s a very versatile way of creating more visual interest in your garden. If you’re stuck for inspiration, have a look below at our gallery for mixed decking designs using our composite decking boards.

mixed composite decking

If you’d like a free sample of our composite decking click here to get two free decking samples delivered straight to your door. Alternatively, you can visit one of our showrooms to see our composite decking in action!

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