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Deck design is one of the most enjoyable parts of purchasing a deck, especially when you've got TimberTech's Deck Design tool to play with! Our Deck Designer is a fantastic feature that allows you to play at being an architect, drawing up a blueprint of your dream deck design and customising everything from the measurements to the colour.

The first thing you'll need to decide on when you fire up the Deck Design tool is the shape of your dream deck. You can opt for a straightforward square or rectangle, of course, but if you feel like experimenting a little you can also try hexagonal, triangular, or L-shaped decks - the world is your oyster! And you don't have to stick to our templates, either, because the Deck Designer allows you to input your own measurements for the decking. This can be used to create some seriously unique shapes!

Once you've settled on a shape and size, it's time to colour it in. You can choose from a range of different board colours for your deck design, ranging from cedar to redwood to tropical teak. You can even decide which direction the boards face; if horizontal lines are a bit pedestrian for your tastes, why not try placing the boards diagonally, or even in a herringbone pattern?

Your deck design should be personal to you, and TimberTech's Deck Design Tool is perfect for planning out your big ideas before you make a purchase. Try it out now!

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