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Not only do we offer you the best garden decking available, but we also sell decking accessories to go with it. We provide the decking accessories to embellish your beautiful deck further, and turn it into your dream flooring. We’d like to briefly talk to you about a few of our products and how they surpass your average tat.

The first offering of decking accessories is our CONCEALoc hidden fasteners as pictured. The main advantage of having these fasteners is they allow the deck to be the first thing people see, and not the fittings! If you have chosen our VertiGrain and Earthwood grains then when installed these fasteners will be concealed safely allowing your decking to do the talking. They are coated brown to reduce their visibility, but are made from stainless steel to ensure strength.


Other decking accessories include our TOPloc composite decking screws. If your installer is wondering which screws would be best to fasten your new deck in then these are your answer. Not only do these TOPloc screws eradicate the ‘mushrooming’ effect caused by inferior screws, but you can also colour code them for an even more discreet finish.

If you’re planning on decking over a treacherous part of your garden perhaps you’d be interested in our Weedguard? In keeping with our theme of super-practical decking accessories, the Weedguard is a drainage-control fabric, as well as of course a weed suppressant. Don’t worry though, as water, nutrients, and air can pass through easily while keeping the nasty stuff out.

These are just a few of the decking accessories that we offer; if you’re interested in taking a few extra little steps to making your decking perfect, then we’d recommend you check them out. 

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