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Imagine your home with a beautiful decked area, a space for relaxing, dining and socialising. Wonderful! Now imagine it without masses of maintenance. This is the decking dream. Traditional timber decks can be a nightmare, weathering badly and splintering. Softwoods absorb water, sprout mould and are slippery whilst hardwoods need oiling and are not sustainable. Plastic is noisy, creaking with temperature changes and groaning when walked on; it warps and has poor green credentials. Composite decking, on the other hand, is head and shoulders above the rest, providing tough, low maintenance and slip resistant decking options.

Composite decking, is particularly impressive in terms of maintenance, sustainability and choice. A quick jet wash keeps it in top condition, and it stays splinter and mould free. The best composite gives you all the beauty of a timber deck, without the hard work. It is easy to install and has a long lifespan. If you want a really tough, easy-clean option, choose capped decking. Wrapped in a protective polymer sleeve, it adds stain resistance to an impressive list of credentials.

One of the beauties of composite decking is the variety of colours and styles available. There are luxurious grained “hardwoods” without sustainability and maintenance issues. Silvery grey boards give modern, minimalist looks, and natural tones a warmer, more traditional spin. Colours can even be combined to make a unique style statement.

Good composite decking provides beautiful outside areas and frees up leisure time. No more weekends oiling, painting or scrubbing boards clean. Composite decking allows you to use your deck as intended: relaxing, socialising and spending time with loved ones.

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