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If you’re considering purchasing decking, make sure it’s our low maintenance decking! It may not be the first thing you think about when buying flooring, but trust us, you’ll soon be glad you opted for low maintenance decking when it comes to your everyday allocation of time!

Our statement of ‘low maintenance decking, high quality of life’ may seem dramatic but we’re actually very assured of this. If you are browsing through various decking types, then it might not occur to you that 12 months down the line that you may have to spend a whole day or two of your free time maintaining this.


By maintaining we are referring to the regular varnishing and wood staining that is necessary for timber and softwood decking. What we also mean by maintaining is the replacement of broken or cracked deck that you’d find with plastic and PVC flooring. They don’t mention this on the brochures, and why would they! Decking out your outdoor area is a lifestyle choice, it’s you saying you want to spend more time in your wonderful little outdoor plot – you certainly do not want to spend those days when the weather is nice (and you have the free time) maintaining a deck you could be relaxing on instead.

We are forever telling our children to invest in their future and we think it’s about time we all did the same. Low maintenance decking leaves us more room to do the other things we love, so why buy anything else?

The best thing is with our composite decking, there is no compromise! You get all the benefits of having sumptuous flooring that looks as good as timber, with a 25 year guarantee! All you need concern yourself with is which colour will suit the rest of your house best. 

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