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If you’re thinking about hardwood decking boards, then what a great choice! Compared to the mass-produced, softwood boards you get in your DIY superstore, they’re a lot better quality and come in those gorgeous tropical hardwood colours too.

But before you make your mind up and buy hardwood decking boards, have a look at our decking products – you might have second thoughts about what sort of decking you choose.

While hardwood decking boards look great, they do come with their problems. After their first season of looking all new and shiny, you’ll have to spend time the following year sanding and staining them. They can get really slippery and hazardous in the wet weather, and let’s not mention the environmental impact of cutting down all those trees.

So have a look at TimberTech – our products are greener and cleaner, and make all kinds of sense. Our Earthwood Evolutions range come in tropical hardwood shades like teak, walnut and rosewood, so you’ll get the effect of hardwood decking boards but without the maintenance or the environmental impact. Have a look at this article for the full story on TimberTech vs hardwood decking boards.

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