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Spring is here! Well, okay, it isn't here quite yet, but the evenings are getting noticeably lighter and it's hard not to get just a wee bit excited for the clocks going forward, even if it's not for a few weeks yet.

If you're an outdoorsy sort of person, watching your sparse winter garden blossom into a beautiful spring garden is one of the best parts of the year. Flowers bloom, leaves return to the trees, and everything generally starts to look a little bit lovelier.

Still if you want your spring garden to look even more beautiful, why not add some decking? A deck can completely alter the way a garden looks, creating a multi-level effect and giving your outdoor space a gorgeous centrepiece. A couple of chairs on the deck will give you the perfect place to sit and survey your work after a hard day's gardening, and you can even cover the deck with potted plants to add even more beauty to your outdoor living space!

Whether surrounded by shrubbery or dotted with daffodils, a deck can give you all sorts of new ways to enjoy your spring garden. In short, if you want to get the most out of your garden this spring, TimberTech decking is the perfect way to do it!

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