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There are a number of different ways to use lighting in your garden, but the five most common will be for safety, to increase security, to create atmosphere, create divisions between specific areas of your garden and to highlight specific features.

garden lighting


In the simplest of terms an area outside your home that is well lit at times of darkness is going to be safer. But security lighting does not have to be intrusive. Often one or two well-placed PIR security lights will allow the occupant to see out into their garden adding warmth during cold nights and adding a sense of space, whilst at the same time flooding areas of access with light.


Lighting can help to illuminate gardens during those autumnal evenings where it is still warm enough to sit out, but you need to be guided by some extra lighting. In the same way a garden pond or pool can be made much safer by illuminating it. Use lighting in your porch or above your front door or on the approach to it to decrease risk of falls and gain a greater sense of security. In a similar way, lighting doors and entrances to and from your home make the experience safer and also more welcoming from guests arriving or leaving.

Create atmosphere

The use of lighting within your home can create a variety of moods and atmosphere; so too in your garden. Use lighting to accent trees, flowers, bushes and shrubs, and create atmospheric shadows.

Divide areas

Using lighting to separate distinct areas of your garden can provide definition and broaden the feel of your garden. If you have a patio area, light it for functionality; if you have a pond, throw light onto it and not only make it less of a hazard in the dark but let it throw light off the water’s surface for a very different area of illumination. Highlight pathways and separate flower beds.

composite decking lighting

Highlight features

Use concealed or low level lighting to highlight specific areas and features in your garden. Or flood features such as ponds and pools, gazebos and archways with light to really bring them out. There are many types of outdoor lighting and it is possible to find almost anything necessary to do the job.

Make a feature of your garden path by lighting it either from above, mid height, or low level.

To see how our range of lighting can help illuminate your garden check out our outdoor lighting section.

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