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Attention all decking owners: if you have recently purchased some garden decking , and are looking for some new ideas to jazz it up; or, if you have had garden decking for quite some time, but you’re looking for a few ideas to spruce it up, then we have compiled a list of 3 different ways you can deck-out your decking!

Let There Be Lights

We should never take lights for granted, their absence would quite literally send us hurling into a world of darkness! But seriously, the effect well-positioned deck lights can have on your garden decking is quite spellbinding. Just think of what some cleverly placed spot lights could do for an area or room in your house – it’s the same principle for your decking!

Lights can be very emotive in their ability to set the mood, and they can literally transform the entire feel of the place. Adding a few deck lights can bathe your outdoor space in an enticing glow, which is just the kind of ambience you want to create – after-all, decking out your garden should be an attempt to make it more habitable.


Treat your decking like the open-topped room that it is. Yes, technically it’s in a garden, but it’s in your garden, so you can do with it what you wish. Get some really comfortable furniture to place on your garden decking, the kind of furniture you wouldn’t mind spending hours lounging on. The more liveable you make your deck – the more use you will get out of it.

Say you have a couple of hours off one afternoon and you wish to immerse yourself in a good book, just think of how much more likely you’d be to spend it on your deck if you had inviting furniture! Plus, can you think of a more of a more fitting location for a little R&R than being nestled beneath trees in a comfy chair?


If you’ll pardon the pun for a moment, focusing on changing the décor of your garden decking is the best way to breathe some life into it! We are almost sick of saying it, but we really want it to resonate for your own benefit – your outdoor space should be treated like an additional room of your house! As such, don’t neglect your decking, instead incorporate some of your interior styling outdoors.

There are plenty of ways to work on the décor of your decking, and the best thing is there are no boundaries to restrict your choice. A good place to start would be some basic furniture; shop around for your style of tables, chairs, and benches, and see if they have something suitable in an outdoor range. Then you may want to start thinking of something more ornamental: a selection of potted plants and flowers would add some character; you could even go one-step further and look for some kind of statue or ornament that would make a charming addition to your deck. This is all about your personal style, you just need to think of what would work outdoors.

We’ve only scratched the surface with these suggestions, but we hope to have opened your eyes up to some intriguing possibilities. Let us leave you with this thought – the more enticing you make your garden decking, the more people are going to want to use it. What’s the point in having an unused deck? You may as well have not made the effort in the first place.

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