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Did you see Through the Keyhole with Keith Lemon on Saturday night? Did you spot the decking in Bruno Tonioli’s garden, about five minutes into the episode?

That delightful deck – the one just behind Keith Lemon himself in the screenshot above – was provided by none other than TimberTech! The Strictly Come Dancing judge used our VertiGrain decking, and we think it complements that pretty green lawn rather perfectly. 

In case you’re not already acquainted with Through the Keyhole, it involves a panel of celebrities who are shown the house of another mystery celebrity and asked to guess who the house belongs to. The new, Keith Lemon-hosted version is just the latest incarnation of a programme that’s been on our screens since the 1980s; some of you may remember the original version, hosted by the late David Frost and starring Loyd Grossman as the presenter who would show viewers around each house before asking, famously, “who would live in a house like this?”

We were thrilled to see our cedar composite decking pop up on ITV last Saturday, and the best part is that you can give your garden exactly the same treatment as Bruno Tonioli gave his! If you’d like to find out more about our cedar decking - and how you could add it to your outdoor space – get in touch with us today!

Last week, we posted a blog about The Longhouse, which is part of the Mill on the Brue activity centre in Bruton. While The Longhouse is an integral part of the activity centre, we did mention last week that it doubles as a wedding venue. Matt, the director of Mill on the Brue, was kind enough to send us this gorgeous photo, taken at a wedding that recently took place in The Longhouse. We'd like to extend a big thank you to Matt for the image - the happy couple look thrilled, and our VertiGrain 2 decking looks almost as resplendent as that verdant slice of Somerset countryside!

We’ve always done everything we can to be eco-friendly here at TimberTech, and so we took no small amount of pride in our latest deck installation. This delightful decked walkway is now a permanent fixture of the RES office in Hertfordshire, and we think it looks rather beautiful in the shadow of the wind turbine.

RES (Renewable Energy Systems) are one of the world’s most prominent developers of renewable energy sources, and their projects have been making the world a greener place to be for over thirty years now. It goes without saying that environmental friendliness is their very top priority, and we’re honoured to have been chosen by such an eco-conscious organisation. We often boast of how green our recycled deck boards are, and if these sustainable energy specialists are willing to give us their seal of approval...well, we must be doing something right!

This project was a big one; before we could even think about laying the new deck boards, we had to remove the existing ones. As always, though, our deck installation team were up to the task, and we hope that RES are as thrilled with the results as we are. This horseshoe-shaped walkway used 72.5m2 of Slate VertiGrain decking – we think this new decking looks rather beautiful.

If you’d like to add durable, environmentally-friendly decking to your home, call 02920 371584 today to discuss your project with one of our friendly deck specialists. You can also email us on info@timbertechuk.co.uk.

A rather lovely pair of photos dropped into our inbox this week. Bringing the TimberTech touch to this property near the Champ de Mars was one of the most enjoyable decking jobs we’ve ever undertaken, and we’re thrilled that the owner has sent us a couple of pictures to share with you. As dream decks go, a gorgeous Parisian terrace with a top-notch view of the Eiffel Tower is pretty hard to beat!

The boards used on this balcony are from our VertiGrain range – it was already our most popular product, and these photos are a fantastic advertisement for it! VertiGrain decking boards have a wood-style veneer that looks and feels just as good as the real deal, and the resilient, low-maintenance composite construction means that you don’t have to spend too much time on care and repair.

We’d all love to have a balcony in Paris (especially one with a close-up view of the Eiffel Tower), but you don’t need a dream home to have a dream deck. Our composite decking looks fantastic no matter where it is, so whether you live on the Seine or in Suffolk, a deck will always make a fantastic addition to your property.

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TimberTech doesn't just exist on the internet, you know. Our office is located in South Wales, and if you'd like to pay us a visit then now's your chance!

On Saturday the 23rd of March (that's a week tomorrow), we'll be celebrating the official launch of the TimberTech showroom on Hadfield Road, Cardiff, and everyone is invited! This open day is a fantastic chance to discover firsthand the appealing appearance and fabulous feel of our composite decking products - if the images and information on this website haven't persuaded you that TimberTech decking is the way forward, seeing our products for yourself is sure to convince you. Composite decking is simply irresistible, and we're thrilled to have a new way for people to find that out!

Our new showroom will also feature a range of outdoor living products. The launch party is a must-attend for anyone who wants a more beautiful back garden to relax in, so pop over to the Facebook Event and let us know that you're planning to make an appearance. We can't wait to meet you! 

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