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How would you like to enjoy the beauty of a real wood deck, whilst benefiting from having minimal maintenance all year round? Well now you can, at huge discounted rates.

In the VertiGrain 2 Deckboard sale, TimberTech’s ranges can now be bought with huge savings to be enjoyed. Not only does VertiGrain 2 decking boast beautiful grained surfaces, it also looks just like traditional timber without the fuss of time-consuming maintenance and cleaning.


It is the perfect time to take advantage of the huge savings on top seller VertiGrain 2 allowing you to enjoy its natural texture and expensive look without the investment breaking the bank.

It is money well spent to ensure that your decking looks as good as new for many years to come. Its low maintenance feature also means you won’t spend hours cleaning and scrubbing to make it come up at its best.

VertiGrain 2 never requires treatment and only needs jet washed annually, allowing you to spend your precious time on more important things – whether that’s enjoying the decking with a barbecue with your family and friends or a glass of wine on a summer’s evening.


Easily put together using screw fix, the deck boarding will stay fresh and new year after year. The consistent colour also won’t fade unlike some other mainstream brands, giving you peace of mind that it won’t need replaced or treated after a few years.

In addition, the profile of the boards are compatible with our CONCEALoc® hidden fastening system, adding to the seamless and top-quality finish and ease of assembling and laying.

And with our 30-year residential warranty as standard and at no extra cost to you, you really are getting fantastic value for money by taking advantage of sale prices. Even for commercial installations you are covered for 10 years.

There are two colours and types of edges of VertiGrain 2 decking to choose from – cedar and grey; and grooved or ungrooved edges, allowing you to tailor it to suit your needs and garden.

Our team are on hand to provide you with advice and answer any questions you may have to make sure you get the right product to suit your needs.

So, if you’d like decking that your friends and family will be envious of, at an affordable price that won’t break the bank and that will last for decades, make sure you take advantage of the massive discounts now available on VertiGrain 2 – you won’t be disappointed.


Now that the holiday season is behind us, we are heading back to work and once again adjusting to the real world. However, this does not necessarily signify that the ability to obtain incredible bargains is no longer present. In order to celebrate the new year with a bang, TimberTech has put together some truly amazing deals on our composite decking materials. These materials are built to last, environmentally friendly and they will stand up to the test of time. If you have been looking to renovate your deck, be sure to check out the amazing products and offers below.

Saving You Time as Well as Money

We fully appreciate that you might have spent a bit more money than planned over the Christmas period. This is the primary reason why TimberTech is now offering massive savings on some of our most popular products. For instance, our Edeck cedar boards are now available at only £28 pounds per square metre plus VAT. This represents an average savings of no less than 50% when compared to the recommended retail price! Let's also not fail to mention that our riser boards are also now being sold at half of their previous price.

Why Choose Our Composite Cedar Decking Boards?

There are many reasons why a growing number of customers are choosing our line of composite decking boards over their traditional counterparts. The most obvious is the fact that they are able to stand up to the elements and that they require only a minimal amount of maintenance. This makes them an excellent investment and yet, there are other benefits that should never be ignored. These include:

  • A residential warranty of up to 25 years.
  • A realistic slip-resistant texture.
  • A resistance to fading due to ultraviolet light from the sun.
  • The elimination of splinters and cracking.
  • An ideal solution for both cold and warm environments.

The warm tones associated with specific variants such as our line of VertiGrain 2 cedar boards is also ideal from a purely aesthetic point of view. In other words, these products will mimic the appearance of real wood without the need to put in massive amounts of effort in order to keep them pristine. When we also mention the fact that such materials are helping the environment, it should become apparent why they are proving to be popular within many homes. 

Flexibility and Reduced Overall Costs

Although the impressive price reductions associated with our Edeck cedar products are impressive, let us keep in mind that reduced maintenance will save even more money for years into the future. As this sale is only valid for products purchased in January, time is of the essence. If you would like to learn more about how composite decking works or to place an order, please contact us by telephone or utilise our rapid online enquiry form. A TimberTech representative will be more than happy to assist you further.

Purchase cost-effective composite decking this Christmas! TimberTech provides high-quality decking that enhances the value of your home. The fantastic floor is low maintenance and attractive to buyers in case you want to resell. Whether you are experiencing cold winters, stormy conditions or hot summers, TimberTech manufactures decking products that are durable and long lasting to withstand any weather condition. 

December Offer

Improve your garden with TimberTech’s high-quality decking! Request free composite decking samples, and you will have the samples in 24 hours. During this  year’s festive season take advantage of our fantastic offer. The offer includes a 50% saving on the purchase of edeck Cedar deck boards. The edeck Cedar deck board is available at discount price of £28 per Meter square plus VAT. The offer is only available for December deck deliveries.

Features of the affordable edeck board

edeck is available in cedar or grey colours. The floor has a consistent look with zero colour shade variations and is resistant to fade year after year. It has a brushed surface with two colour options. Additionally, the adorable deck has 25 years warranty for residential use while deck board for commercial use has a 10-year warranty. 

Take advantage of the fantastic December half price offer to decorate your home with TimberTech edeck cedar deck boards!


Remember, remember, this month of November! There is no reason, this mid-autumn season, not to invest in your garden. 

Most people who purchase some of our durable and beautiful composite decking wish they'd done it sooner. That's why we decided to make November a month of opportunity with some scorching prices for those who have been considering improving their property with a garden deck, but haven't yet got around to it. 

We understand - a garden deck seems like a big investment that will require lots of time, energy and maintenance. Meet our TimberTech composite decking. It's made from reclaimed wood and polymer resins, is easy to install and is fade and stain resistant. What's more, our 25-year residential warranty is testament to its durability. Oh, and it looks gorgeous too, being so close to wood in appearance that we know you'll be impressed. 

What we love about our decking products is that they make life easy. They are straightforward to install and a breeze to maintain. In fact, that's the origin of our motto, "Less Work. More Life." - and we mean it. We want you to enjoy your piece of the great outdoors for years to come, with the minimum of effort. 

If you're still looking for a reason to make this November the month of the garden deck, here it is. We're offering a 43% saving on our Edeck deck boards in Cedar, a warm and natural looking finish that compliments many styles of architecture, from traditional country house to high-tech minimalism. At just £37.00 plus VAT per m2 during the month of November only, now's the time to buy so that you can be watching the fireworks from your superb garden deck a year from now.


Install Composite Decking for a Year-Round Low Maintenance Outdoor Living Space

With the arrival of autumn, you may already be seeing the effects of the damp weather on your existing decking - and dreading the inevitable slippery surface over the winter with the need for jet washing, timber treatments and rotten wood replacement to come. 
Is there any way around this? Yes! 

Modern technology has developed the perfect solution in composite decking, a beautiful and low maintenance product created from recycled hardwood and polymer resin, which provides a beautiful low maintenance outdoor surface which is safe and slip-resistant in all weather conditions.

With our October sale, now is the perfect time to install composite decking or replace your existing timber decking, giving you an all year-round surface which requires practically no upkeep. Composite decking has a beautiful wood-grained texture, does not rot or lose its colour and is wipe clean making it fabulously easy to care for. The polymer wrap-around sleeve gives outstanding fade resistance and keeps out any moisture, meaning your decking will not splinter, warp or rot. 

Our composite decking comes with an outstanding 25-year warranty with stain and fade cover. The wasteful and tiresome cycle of timber treatments and replacing damaged wood will be gone forever. Our decking products are also environmentally friendly, using reclaimed, sustainably sourced wood - in fact, no trees are cut down for our production!

We have two very special offers representing great savings for our customers now available in our October sale:

Edeck Cedar Deck Boards now on offer for just £40 per m2 plus vat - a saving of 33%.
The ideal solution if you love the authentic organic appearance of natural of cedar wood, with its traditional appeal.

EasyClean Terrain Birch (Grooved Boards) at only £51 per m2 plus vat - a fantastic saving of 25%! This beautiful monotone board has a sandy light brown shade and blends seamlessly into all sorts of settings with its clean, modern appearance.

So don’t delay - delivery must be completed by the end of October to qualify for these fantastic deals!



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