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TimberTech and PrimaPorcelain are a match made in heaven. Durable, and finished with an attractive two-tone effect, TimberTech decking will add elegance to any outdoor space. PrimaPorcelain paving is similarly robust and weatherproof and it will turn your garden path or patio into an amazingly attractive feature of your garden. Two products that work especially well together in this regard are the TimberTech Terrain+ Silver Maple decking and the PrimaPorcelain Tirolo White slabs.  Ideal for a pool surround as depicted here these two-low maintenance, slip resistant materials will dry in no time, leaving you to enjoy your pool space safely. 


Colours and styles that complement each other wonderfully

The TimberTech Terrain+ Silver Maple decking has been put through the manufacturing process twice in order to achieve a two-tone effect known as the 'Spectrum effect'. In addition to the hard wearing, strong and weatherproof nature of this decking (a feature of all TimberTech products), this decking also looks wonderfully sophisticated. It will retain its attractive hue no matter how many parties are hosted on it, as it is fully coated in a protective polymer sleeve which means that everything from red wine to food stains can easily be wiped up from the decks. The subtle greyish silver hues of this product will fit in perfectly with any garden design, and they will be especially well complemented by PrimaPorcelain's Tirolo White tiles. These gleaming white tiles can also be wiped clean easily and they add a sense of freshness and elegance to your outdoor living space. One way to combine these two products is to use the tiles to make a pathway leading up to a decking area. Alternatively, the tiles can be used to create a small, attractive patio that is separate from a much larger decking space. No sealant is required to install these tiles, so they are extremely easy to place wherever you would like them.


If you're thinking about updating or installing a garden pool this summer, it's important that your choice of surround is durable and easy to maintain, in order to ensure that you do not find yourself having to replace it again all too soon. Due to it's frequent exposure to moisture as well as other outdoor elements, a pool surround should be as resistant to water, mould and cracking as possible, in order to avoid the rapid deterioration of its original aesthetic and strength.

At TimberTech, we've provided and installed countless pool surrounds for both our residential and commercial customers, so much so that we now feel that we are something of an expert on the subject. We believe that our composite decking provides the ideal surface for your pool surround, thanks not only to the range of attractive finishes available, but also to the vital moisture and slip-resistant properties. Due to the fact that the boards take in less than 1.2% moisture, they are far less likely to suffer from mould issues, and also dry far more quickly then other types of decking. This makes them incredibly safe for use, particularly by families, who are likely to have small children running around the pool area.

Spectacular! We're thrilled with how good the completed swimming pool deck looks

Another benefit of these properties, combined with the strength of the product, is its overall longevity. Due to the material's resistance to cracking, splintering and picking up pesky algae, the boards will not need replacing for many years to come, providing you with a swimming pool surround that is built to last. They will also need very little maintenance compared to other boards, saving you time and money on treating your boards with expensive sealants and cleaning products.

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