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Did you Spot TimberTech EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple Decking on ITV Tonight?

Thanks to Alan and the ITV Love Your Garden team, TimberTech’s EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple decking was featured on Love Your Garden’s amazing home and garden transformation tonight.

This project was in aid of Aryan, a 9-year-old boy who was born with a severe disability called distonic quadriplegic cerebral palsy  This means he is paralysed and has to rely on his mum Manisha for his care. Aryan also suffers from separation anxiety disorder.

Aryan has always been at home, but recently he started going to school on a part-time basis and has settled well.  He has a great love of the outdoors and loves nothing more than being outside in the school garden, where he comes alive with the sights and sounds of the great outdoors and nature. Being outside in the garden is something Aryan has been unable to do at home as it’s been very difficult to access the garden with his wheelchair.   

Aryan’s parents Manisha and Rajeev have never complained about their situation. Their friend and neighbour Audrey who nominated them for ITV Love Your Home & Garden, feels that having their home and garden done would provide Aryan and Manisha with much needed respite and ultimately makes the family’s lives at home and in their garden easier.

Manisha and Rajeev’s garden was totally inaccessible for Aryan’s wheelchair. We knew that our TimberTech’s EasyClean was the perfect solution to the family’s outdoor challenges.
So with a little help from TimberTech, the Love Your Garden team created a level decked area directly outside the back of the house, with steps leading to a lower level garden area – which also has a small decked haven for Manisha and Rajeev.  The team installed a lift allowing Aryan and his wheelchair to gain access to the lower garden so he can also benefit from the entire outdoor space. The home and garden makeover looks truly It looks fantastic and the family have found it life changing for the whole family.


 One Small Step, Life Changing Implications

It's a transformation from a previously off-limits area, into an accessible haven, into which Aryan can enter at will. 

EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple

Our EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple Decking looks fantastic in any garden, but also, as the name suggests, purposefully designed to be easy to clean. As our feature on ITV Love Your Home & Garden has shown, it is possible to have a garden which looks fabulous, but at the same time saves the stress and strain of cleaning.

Our Silver Maple products are put through the manufacturing process twice, once to provide the base grey colour, once again to overlay the darker tones, which in turn provide the products' true natural beauty. Our signature polymer sleeve means any spills can easily be wiped away. Our boards are 4.8m long, 136mm wide and 24mm thick, available in both grooved and ungrooved edge, and come with a 25-year warranty. 

The ability to enjoy a fantastic garden and not have to worry about mess is liberating and something we want everyone to experience. If you are interested in our EasyClean Terrain+ please get in touch! 

We would love to transform your garden with you, and we promise you will never look back. Order your FREE sample.

Tel: 029 2080 3756 Cardiff   01753 575102 (Slough) 01272 845788 (St. Albans)

TimberTech's EasyClean Tropical Walnut Decking was used to create a surprise garden on tonight's episode of ITV Love Your Home & Garden with Alan Titchmarsh.

Donna Plaice has restricted vision and is registered blind, she is also sadly fighting cancer. Donna's main carers during the day, whilst her husband works, are her two young daughters.  The Love Your Home & Garden team decided to try and relieve the daily stresses on the family by providing them with a fabulous outdoor space to relax in.

 A lot of people are attracted to having hardwood decking on their property but are reluctant to commit to the idea on the grounds that decking of this kind is high maintenance and takes a lot of time and effort to keep in good condition. But there is a simple solution to this dilemma: with EasyClean Tropical Walnut Decking you will have decking that has the appearance of hardwood, but which can be cleaned quickly and simply.

EasyClean Tropical Walnut Decking has a wide range of benefits that will be appreciated by any homeowner. It is resilient and will last for a long time without the decay or splintering that blights traditional hardwood: keeping it clean is a straightforward matter of wiping down its protective overlay. As it is made using a mixture of recycled wood and synthetic material, rather than from trees specially felled for its manufacture, it is far more environmentally friendly than real hardwood. If you decide to get EasyClean Tropical Walnut Decking installed in your property, then your guests will not be able to tell the difference between it and true hardwood. It comes with all of the aesthetic virtues of hardwood decking, but absolutely none of the drawbacks!

TimberTech products are sure to improve your garden, so if you are interested in transforming your outside space, contact our team now or order your FREE Sample!

In the latest episode of ITV's Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh, TimberTech's Reliaboard Cedar transformed this garden into something special.

Reliaboard deck boards are UV and moisture-resistant, meaning that the wonderful wood effect will stay beautiful for years to come. Your decking will never need staining or sealing, enabling you to spend less time caring for your deck and more time enjoying it!

Our Reliaboard Cedar is ideal for those who want natural-looking garden decking. It is a seriously robust product, and its traditional design is sure to look stunning in your outdoor living space!

Our Reliaboard Cedar is now on SALE at a promotional price of £48 per metre square + VAT!

Our TimberTech decking planks appear on ITV Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh Tonight!

Reliboard Cedar decking was used to create a surprise garden on last night’s episode of Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh!

Did you watch Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh on ITV tonight? If you did you probably saw our Reliaboard Cedar in the garden that Alan Titchmarsh and his team created for Rosie and Tony. TimberTech's composite decking planks were chosen for their slip-resistant, low-maintenance properties, and the Love Your Garden<> team particularly liked our Reliboard Cedar decking - they decided that its authentic, organic, low maintenance appeal was perfect for the nautically themed outdoor living space they were planning to create.

Our Reliaboard Cedar is ideal for those who want a natural-looking garden deck that blends in emulates the look of real wood. Reliaboard is a seriously robust product, and its traditional design is sure to look amazing in your outdoor living space!

Order a free sample of our composite decking here >


Shhhh..... Shall we let you into a Secret?

TimberTech Composite Decking will take on a starring role on ITV Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Tune in at 8pm to find out more and see the grand reveal....don’t miss it!

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