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The VertiGrain composite decking is a high-quality decking that integrates the look and glamour of real wood deck with minimal maintenance and durability of composite wood products.

TimberTech’s VertiGrain composite decking features a stunning grained surface. The surface exhibits a distinct striking look similar to that of a premium timber. It has a natural texture with an appearance that perfectly resembles that of natural wood.

While most hardwood and softwood decking options demand time-consuming maintenance, VertiGrain decking does not. The composite decking does not require treatment, has a consistent colour and requires the occasional jet wash. 

VertiGrain composite decking comes with either a grooved or un-grooved profile. The un-grooved profile board is compatible with a CONCEALoc Hidden fastening fixing system giving your composite decking surface a truly seamless finish. Conversely, grooved boards can be face fixed with a colour matched deck screws for a fantastic finish. 

TimberTech offers three shades of VertiGrain decking; chestnut, slate and grey. All colours offer a stylish design with authentic looking grained surfaces.

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Imagine your home with a beautiful decked area, a space for relaxing, dining and socialising. Wonderful! Now imagine it without masses of maintenance. This is the decking dream. Traditional timber decks can be a nightmare, weathering badly and splintering. Softwoods absorb water, sprout mould and are slippery whilst hardwoods need oiling and are not sustainable. Plastic is noisy, creaking with temperature changes and groaning when walked on; it warps and has poor green credentials. Composite decking, on the other hand, is head and shoulders above the rest, providing tough, low maintenance and slip resistant decking options.

Composite decking, is particularly impressive in terms of maintenance, sustainability and choice. A quick jet wash keeps it in top condition, and it stays splinter and mould free. The best composite gives you all the beauty of a timber deck, without the hard work. It is easy to install and has a long lifespan. If you want a really tough, easy-clean option, choose capped decking. Wrapped in a protective polymer sleeve, it adds stain resistance to an impressive list of credentials.

One of the beauties of composite decking is the variety of colours and styles available. There are luxurious grained “hardwoods” without sustainability and maintenance issues. Silvery grey boards give modern, minimalist looks, and natural tones a warmer, more traditional spin. Colours can even be combined to make a unique style statement.

Good composite decking provides beautiful outside areas and frees up leisure time. No more weekends oiling, painting or scrubbing boards clean. Composite decking allows you to use your deck as intended: relaxing, socialising and spending time with loved ones.

We offer 25 year warranties and free sample packs. Get in touch today! Call us on 029 2037 1584 | Email: info@timbertechuk.co.uk

If you're looking to install a new deck in your garden, it's important to ensure you're using high quality materials. TimberTech boards are one of the best options available, outperforming the more traditional materials.

Many people want a natural look for their deck, and therefore opt for hardwood boards. Due to Hardwood decking being vulnerable to mould and algae build-up, as well as warping and splitting over time. TimberTech boards, are resistant to this type of degradation, and since they do not retain much water, will not accumulate mould and mildew, which can leave hardwood surfaces unsightly and slippery. Because of this, TimberTech decking, which is much easier to install than hardwood decking, is also very low-maintenance, not requiring the oiling and cleaning needed to keep a hardwood deck in good condition.

Hollow deck boards are an inexpensive option, but are known for their lack of stability and shorter lifespan. TimberTech composite decking, while being resistant to rotting, fading, and insect damage, also possesses much higher load bearing capabilities, providing a greater sense of security than decks constructed with hollow deck boards. If you've ever walked on a deck made of hollow deck boards, then you know they can also be quite noisy. Composite decking is not only sturdier, but can provide a bit more peace and quiet when you're trying to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

When choosing synthetic materials for your outdoor deck, it's easy to think that most synthetic materials are the same. Like TimberTech boards, plastic has the benefit of being low-maintenance, but lacks the long-lasting durability of TimberTech composite boards. Plastic may not crack and splinter in the way that hardwood does, but is still prone to bowing and warping due to prolonged exposure to the elements. Composite boards will hold up much better to this kind of damage and what's more, TimberTech decking is aesthetically more pleasing as well, looking much more like natural wood than plastic decking.

TimberTech is not only attractive and low-maintenance, but is safer, longer lasting. When making a decision on which materials to choose, it's necessary to consider where those materials are sourced from, how much work goes into installing and maintaining them, and how long they'll last.

TimberTech’s composite wood decking provides a splinter-free, slip-resistant surface that does not need to be painted, oiled or sealed. Our Composite Decking is a superb outdoor flooring solution that’s streets ahead of other decking materials, but you may be asking how exactly we achieve this level of quality. What is composite decking, and what makes it such a great alternative to traditional timber boards?

  • The benefits of composite wood decking:
  • This type of decking is far more slip-resistant than other materials
  • No splinters or cracks to worry about
  • Composite boards don’t warp or fade in the sun
  • No bowing or cracking (unlike plastic decking)
  • You’ll save a lot of money on maintenance and repairs
  • They never have to be sealed

Watch our superb video here to find out more...

Find out what makes TimberTech composite decking the best choice for any outdoor project - www.timbertechuk.co.uk

TimberTech decking is ideal for use on roof terraces and balconies. Our decking is available in a wide range of colours and styles and this flexibility gives all the room required to accommodate virtually any design ambition. Composite decking is made from recycled wood and plastic polymers, so it has many advantages over traditional wooden decking; it is hard wearing and is not as susceptible to rot, wear and tear and damage through infestation as timber decking. Maintenance is also far less than with timber decking and there is no need for regular varnishing or painting. This combination of hard wearing materials and low maintenance make composite decking an ideal choice for roof terraces and balconies. As there is no wood exposed, there are no splinters to pose a threat, and surfaces are slip resistant, again making composite decking an ideal choice for areas such as balconies and roof terraces. Nor will our composite decking boards split or crack, and they are much more resistant to fading and staining than timber boards.

roof balcony decking

A deck for a balcony or roof terrace can be created using composite decking in the same way as with timber decking; no special tools are required, and in some ways it is easier to work with. Specialist fittings are available to make securing the decking boards to the supporting frame a simple matter.

roof terrace decking

The colours, patterns and styles in which composite decking is available make it an ideal choice for taking a creative approach; patterns and colours can be used to create a stylish and individual decked area for any rooftop or balcony. Steps, edging and railings are also available to complete any project and offer safety.

If you would like to use TimberTech for your balcony or roof decking project contact us now or click here to order a free sample pack.

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