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Clear glass balustrades could be the missing ingredient from your decked area! If you would like to cordon off your raised decking, but do not want your view hindered in any way, then clear glass balustrades are your best option. Timbertech weren’t just satisfied in providing you with the highest quality composite decking available, we have also lent our expertise to the balustrades that complement them so very well.

Clear glass balustrades are large sheets of transparent glass that are attached to your decking via raised stainless steel posts. As you can imagine, the effect that the polished steel and clear glass has is very crisp, clean, and oh so classy! As well as being aesthetically pleasing, you also get the quality assurance that people have come to expect from Timbertech.

These gorgeous balustrades have been designed so that they can be installed quickly, and with a relevant amount of ease. This is all thanks to the clever glass balustrade system which utilises a modular format for ease of installation. The system also allows glass panels up to 1200mm wide to be fixed onto the clamps without any need in drilling the glass panels! This all means that although you are getting balustrades of the highest calibre, you won’t need to spend a fortune in having them put them in.


We’ve talked a little about the beauty of the stainless steel and glass, but this is far more than skin deep. The posts and railings used for mounting the glass to are made from a superior satin polished stainless steel – in fact they’re actually made from marine grade 316 stainless steel, which is something to please you as you enjoy a glass of wine on your decking.

It is not just the steel that enjoys a superior build quality, the glass too is very strong. We use 10mm ultra-strong glass that has been specially toughened to withstand a certain amount of pressure. We couldn’t just use ordinary glass, as that would be unpractical and unsafe, but we went that extra length to get a truly superior material.

Our clear glass balustrades also boast fittings and brackets of the highest quality; this may sound boring but surely it’s reassuring to know we lent our high standards to every single bit of the balustrades, isn’t it? The brackets are actually made from one piece of metal which ensures strength – this is important as they are what is used to attach the glass itself. Even the supports cannot escape from our superior craftsmanship, we use a rigid support for the handrail, and a jointed one for stair applications.

Clear glass balustrades can really help lift the appearance of an area of decking, and we offer them with handrails or frameless. However you decide to cordon off your decking, spare a thought for the sheer quality and embellishment that our balustrades offer.

It’s very easy to talk about having the best, it is another thing to actually have the facts the back it up. When we say we have the most superior, well-made, and beautiful looking clear glass balustrades around, we know this for sure.

Glass balustrades are a stunning alternative to other types of handrails and balconies. We think glass balustrades provide a modern and chic solution to cordoning off areas of your decking. There is something very adaptable about using glass panels for your balustrade as they do not overpower the look of your home in anyway – the subtle way in which they provide barriers means these would look just as good on an ageing house in the countryside, as they would on an ultra-modern apartment.

As well as offering you limitless style and chic, glass balustrades look particularly good against decking. Here at Timbertech we are the decking specialists after all, so it only makes sense we would turn our attention to products that enhance and complement composite decking. The combination of the quality wood decking against the backdrop of glass and stainless steel makes you feel like you’re on a luxury yacht, or on the terrace of an exclusive establishment.

Glass balustrades then are visually impeccable, not to mention the fact they provide you with all the unspoilt views your garden has to offer, or the gift of light and space in more modest accommodations.

What these balustrades also boast is some serious quality to match their aesthetics. All the posts involved are made from satin polished marine grade stainless steel; the glass used is 10mm ultra strong toughened glass; the brackets used to attach the glass to the posts are cast from a single piece of metal ensuring maximum stability. These glass balustrades also come in a modular system which makes easy to design to your specifications, and fairly simple to install.

It seems these glass balustrades really do have it all! They let you enjoy the beauty of your space without inhibiting the view in anyway – or in smaller areas they give you the illusions of far-stretching space, as well as letting plenty of light in. As they also look very good, and are made using the highest quality materials, these glass balustrades really are the clear choice. 

Frameless balustrades offer a completely unhinged handrail system that produces sumptuous results. With our frameless balustrades you can safely cordon off your decking or balcony without compromising the view of the rest of your garden. We sell a range of stunning balustrades that can transform any outdoor space, take away the frames though and you’re left with an even more impressive spectacle!

For those of you who don’t know, we here at Timbertech specialise in composite decking, as well as frameless balustrades and more. What we also like to offer our expertise in is framed balustrades, cable rail systems, and deck lights; from this list we hope you can begin to see the emerging theme and focus behind our products. It is not just enough for us to provide you with an extensive range of the finest composite decking, we also want to help you transform your decking area as a whole to get the most out of it!

If balustrades complement your balcony or area of decking beautifully, then frameless balustrades help it shine! We have a lot of time for our handrail systems, but we also believe that certain spaces demand the far-reaching visual effect created when you take the frame away. Notice the picture we have chosen for this article, here you can see how the frameless balustrades provides a safe barrier for this area of decking. Where the frameless comes into its own is by not inhibiting that glorious vista in any way - you just wouldn’t get the same effect if your balustrade had handrails!

And don’t worry if you do not have a picture-postcard view to work with, this balustrade works just as well in smaller areas as it allows lights through, and maximises the appearance of space.

As well as giving the gift of an enhanced and unspoilt view, our frameless balustrades come with the same quality features you’d expect to find with all of our products. Our balustrades are made from marine-grade and corrosion-resistant stainless steel, as well as having superior strength 10mm toughened glass. All fittings are concealed with a quality stainless steel base plate to ensure your view remains untarnished!

 We hope we have made a case for what frameless balustrades can offer you and your outside space. These frameless balustrades do go beautifully with our high-quality decking, but where they really shine is in giving you an unspoilt view of your outdoor living space.

Our glass balustrade isn't solely suitable for decked areas. In these photos, you'll see that we recently installed a beautiful balustrade onto a tiled patio area, and we think it works just as well here as it does on our decks! 

This lovely, two-tiered garden is attached to a home in Cwmbran, and we're happy to report that the owner was extremely pleased with our work. The balustrade itself is made from stainless steel and toughened 10mm glass; it's a supremely sturdy piece of design, and it will stay looking shiny and new for years to come!

This particular customer elected not to include a top handrail with their glass balustrade system. While the handrail does make for a sleek, stylish finishing touch (it's made from the same modern-looking stainless steel as the rest of the balustrade), the rail still looks absolutely stunning without it. The open-topped glass panels are arguably even more contemporary without the handrail on top, and the clear, unobstructed view that they afford is absolutely perfect.

All in all, we think that this particular installation is proof positive that a glass balustrade doesn't need decking to look delightful. Whether or not you want the composite decking to go with it, call 02920 371584 today to discuss plans for your own glass balustrade system.

The main purpose of a handrail is to provide support, to give you something to hold on to while you're moving around. But practicality shouldn't preclude the possibility for prettiness, and TimberTech's decking handrail products are as beautiful as they are useful. We'd heartily recommend including a handrail in your deck design - whether or not you need the extra stability, the rail will make a gorgeous addition to your outdoor space!

Our ornamental decking handrails are made from the same attractive, eco-friendly composite wood products as the decking boards themselves, so you can rest assured that the handrail will match the deck! Our rails come in three different colours (Cedar, Grey, and Redwood), allowing you to choose the decking handrail that's best suited to your design.

These ornamental rails look wonderfully authentic - just like real wood, in fact, although in many ways they're superior to standard wooden handrails. Wood is susceptible to rot and splintering, whereas composite wood is far more durable and doesn't even require staining or sealing. A TimberTech decking handrail is just like a TimberTech deck: it will look fantastic for years, come rain or shine!

So if you want to give your dream deck an equally dreamy finishing touch, an ornamental decking handrail will do the job rather nicely. This is one handrail that's well worth holding on to!

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