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Adding a handrail to your decking completes the transformation of your outdoor retreat. For some it's a necessity, to keep children safe. For others, it creates a feeling of intimacy, a boundary. Either way, there's no disputing that a stylish handrail completes the look. Having said that, if they're not maintained, handrails are one of the first things to get noticed and can make the whole decking area look shabby and unloved. Unfortunately, the great British climate isn't always our best friend when it comes to preserving wood or metal, a good chunk of time has to be factored into annual maintenance - not to mention waiting for that 'good day' to get the work done. Less time to relax and enjoy that outside space you spent time and money creating.

We can help solve that problem! no painting, no maintenance.

If you'd rather sip a latte than dig out the paintbrushes, then take comfort in knowing there's a whole new generation of decking products designed to stand weathering from all the elements. The beauty is that they look as stylish as their wood and metal ancestors. Finally, you can free yourself from painting, sanding and staining. Imagine: no more fiddly repairs to warped and cracked wood. No rusty joints and flaky paint on wrought iron.

Impression Rail from TimberTech

Wrought iron railings are timeless, complementing both modern and traditional arrangements. However wrought ironwork is notorious for requiring maintaining. TimberTech decking products have already earned a great reputation for being robust, looking fantastic and, importantly, needing little maintenance. Impression Rail is the latest addition to the TimberTech family and is the ideal low maintenance replacement for wrought iron railings. Made from sturdy aluminium in a black finish, it looks just like wrought iron, is easy to install and needs nothing more than a wash to keep it looking as good as new.

RadianceRail from TimberTech

Made from recycled materials, TimberTech's composite decking products are eco-friendly, solid, and look just like wood. Unlike wood, they don't warp, splinter, they don't rot or suffer from damp. As the name suggests, the RadianceRail radiates style and quality. Traditional or contemporary, this new generation handrail will add the perfect finish to new decking projects or breathe new life into the old.

One of the best things about a modern day garden is decking, and for a deck to look stylish and chic, a handrail is vital. Handrail products can turn an ordinary looking deck into something very special. They help to frame a deck and provide all important safety for families. Whether it's a sleek modern look or an inherently classic style you are seeking, then it can all be obtained by adding a handrail.

Types of handrail

At TimberTech our ornamental decking handrails will allow you to craft a traditional style of beauty. These rails can be bought with some eye-catching finishes and include aluminium, which is completely rust-free. These rails are simple to install and do not require any maintenance. All that is needed is an occasional clean with soap and water.

When you combine decking with a handrail, you will transform your garden into something that could have come off the pages of 'Better Homes and Gardens' magazine. There is a timeless appeal that the handrails bring with them that will fit perfectly into any open space.

radiance handrail

One of the most important points to look for when buying any product is the quality. Not only do these handrails look terrific, but they are also very durable. This is because our Radiance Rail System is made from composite wood, which by its definition does not need a lot of maintenance. Your dream decking will look even better with a decking handrail.

The facts about decking handrails

TimberTech's RadianceRail structure is vibrant, crisp and clean looking. There is no exposed hardware that will ruin its appearance. The colours that are available for this system are brown, black and white. For a contemporary or traditional garden, this is the perfect finishing touch. Decking looks incomplete without a chic handrail to finish it off. Radiance Rail is also perfect for adding to steps.

The market leader in the handrail sector is RadianceRail and the products are created to the same high standards as its deck boards. The company uses a PVC 'co-extruded' surface that makes a rail water resistant, strong and dense. This product will never need painting, staining or oiling.

composite handrail

For anybody that needs to replace a wooden handrail that has rotted away or a, less than satisfactory, PVC rail that is not very strong; then a streamlined change is recommended. Just select a new colour and style that will best fit in with what you have already got, and integrate a new handrail system into your garden. TimberTech products come with a 25-year guarantee of excellence, and will always deliver on quality.

To see more of our handrail selection visit us at https://www.timbertechuk.co.uk/decking-radiancerail

Impression Rail

Are you looking to give your garden deck a sleek, contemporary finish? Do you want a decking balustrade system that won't succumb to rust, dilapidation, and wear and tear? If so, we'd very much like to introduce to TimberTech's new Impression Rail system!

Impression Rail is an aluminium railing solution that makes the perfect accompaniment for TimberTech composite decking. Supplied in a stylish black colour that looks striking and modern in any setting, the Impression Rail system offers deck owners the following benefits:

  • Since the decking balustrade is made of sturdy, rust-free aluminium, it requires practically zero maintenance.

  • An Impression Rail is a great finishing touch for your TimberTech deck - it has a contemporaryeye-catching appearance that's sure to complement your garden wonderfully.

  • Surrounding a raised deck with a decking balustrade/handrail is a great way to ensure the safety of those who use the space.

  • The Impression Rail system is easy to install...although our professional installers will be more than happy to handle the task for you if necessary!

If you're looking for an attractive, low-maintenance balustrade system for your garden deck, Impression Rail from TimberTech is an absolutely superb choice. Click here for further details, or contact TimberTech for a quotation.

Decking balustrade options

Adding a balustrade to your garden deck is a great way to finish the look and make your outdoor space stand out. Balustrades can also improve the safety of your deck, particularly if it is raised above the rest of your garden.

We offer a number of attractive decking balustrade options here at TimberTech - which one will you choose?

Glass balustrade without handrail

Glass Balustrade (No Handrail)

Made of toughened glass and marine-grade stainless steel, this stylish decking balustrade is a very popular option amongst TimberTech customers. It looks absolutely fantastic, particularly alongside our more contemporary decking colours such as Silver Maple.


Glass balustrade and handrail

Glass Balustrade (With Handrail)

Our steel and glass balustrade is also available with a top handrail that rounds off the design rather wonderfully. The posts and handrail are made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, so your balustrade will require just as little maintenance as your TimberTech deck itself!


Frameless glass balustrade 

Frameless Glass Balustrade

If your tastes lean towards the more minimalist end of the design spectrum, our frameless glass balustrade system will suit you right down to the ground. Those toughened glass panels are unfettered by steel posts and rails, allowing them to provide the perfect finishing touch without obstructing your view whatsoever. We also supply privacy glass if you'd rather people couldn't see through your decking balustrade.


Cable rail system

Cable Railing System

Finally, if glass isn't your thing, we'd like to introduce you to our best-selling cable rail system. This is a very sturdy option with a slightly more unusual look; the whole construction is made from 316 stainless steel, and the threaded holes are flow drilled for the strongest possible results.

If you'd like to enquire about any of our decking balustrade products, please click here to contact the TimberTech team.

We've often trumpeted the merits of our glass balustrade system. The clean lines and spotless steel posts are perfect for a contemporary, cutting-edge garden design, and the pristine glass panels do nothing to compromise your view. With outstanding sturdiness and sublime style, a balustrade really is the ultimate decking accessory.

Only one question remains: do you want a handrail with your balustrade? The handrail certainly has its uses, and it does cap the balustrade off quite nicely, but if we're going on looks alone, we'd opt for the balustrade without a handrail every time. Without that shiny steel rail on top, the gleaming glass is able to take centre stage, and it's amazing how beautiful those panels are. They'll bring an extra helping of beauty to your back garden, and since they're transparent, you don't have to worry about blocking the light our your own view.

The glass we use in our balustrades is ultra-tough, and since it's 10mm thick, very few things are capable of shattering it. No need to worry about stray footballs, foul weather conditions, or general wear and tear - the gorgeous glass (and sturdy stainless steel) will overcome them all!

Want to find out more about our handrail-less glass balustrades? Take a look at this installation in Cwmbran, and see for yourself how great the glass can look.

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