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Do you have an outdoor area that could be enhanced using TimberTech’s Deck Lights? We bet you do! To help you feel inspired we have put together some decking light ideas that we think would look beautiful in lots of different gardens.

Mood lighting

If you’ve had a chance to take a look at our range of deck lights you might already know that they are available in five different colours making them perfect for creating different atmospheres in your garden.

Amber – Amber would be an excellent choice if you want to achieve a romantic, soft, atmosphere on your decking or surrounding areas. They would also be a great choice if you are worried about upsetting neighbours with bright lights on your property.

Green – would beautifully compliment a garden filled with greenery – the green light is less harsh than white lights, for example, and would accentuate the lush natural tones in your garden.

Red – While red might seem a little unorthodox, we think that red lights would be a great choice for stairs, steps or any other hazardous outdoor places. Installing these deck lights could help prevent falls or accidents.

White – White lights are a very popular choice of decking light; white lights are timeless and appropriate for all occasions. These lights would be excellent if you have especially dark areas of decking area or garden that you would like to use at night time.

Blue – Blue lights look stunning when they’re installed around any outdoor area, but they look especially appropriate around bodies of water such as a pool or pond.

Multicolour – Of course, if you’re feeling brave, why not have a variety of our different coloured deck lights installed to create a unique look in your garden? Perfect if you like to host parties or if you’re a little indecisive about which colour would suit your garden best!

All of our deck lights are available in two finishes – clear lenses for directional light or frosted lenses for a more diffused effect. Both equally beautiful!

The Specifics

Our lights are all IP67 rated, meaning they can be fully submerged in water – so no need to worry about them getting damaged when it rains.

We’ve also eliminated the need to go outside to switch on your deck lights, they can all be operated remotely using an on/off key fob.

Each light is made with 319 marine grade stainless steel so it should last you a lifetime – and just in case you have any problems with your deck lights, all of them come with a 2-year warranty!

So, what’s stopping you?

We want your garden and your decking to reach its full potential. Find out more about TimberTech’s decking lights today! Click here, or call us on 029 2080 3756.

So, you’ve finally decided to go ahead and purchase composite decking from one of our stunning decking ranges, congratulations on a very wise investment! However, the decision making doesn’t end there. A host of questions still remain now that you have chosen the flooring option for your outdoor living space. To make things easier for you, we’re going to run through a few things that you may want to consider when building your deck.


The location in your outdoor space where your deck is going to be built may already be determined before making your purchase, however, after deciding to choose our composite decking you may think that your new deck may be better suited within a different position. This could be due to our decking complimenting a certain feature or area in your garden, taking advantage of a specific view or to be more or less exposed to the weather and elements. All of these things may impact the location in where your deck may be built.


The way in which your new deck is going to be installed is another thing you may need to think about. If you have adequate DIY skills, you may decide that you can save time and money by installation your deck boards yourself. If you don’t possess the skills, however, you may decide to utilise our installation fitting service with our team of professional and friendly deck installers, allowing you to sit back and relax while your dream outdoor living space comes to life.

Design, Size & Shape

The design, size and shape of your new deck will be dependent on the location that you decide to build it. Once a decision has been made on where your deck will be built, you can then proceed with choosing the design. This is something that we can also provide assistance with our deck design inspiration and FREE 3D deck design service. Here you are able to view an array of deck designs, including a range of layouts and patterns and then watch see your design come to life by collaborating with our expert team of CAD designers.

Extras: Balustrades, Lighting & Steps

Basic platform decks are by far the simplest to build and offer a classic, clean appearance. If it’s an eye-catching deck that you’re after however, this is something that you may want to avoid. As a result, a multi-level deck may be the deck for you. If this is the case and your deck now sits higher than a few feet off the ground, a balustrade system and steps may be something worth considering. We offer a variety of balustrade, railing systems and steps that not only provide an extra element of safety but also add a stylish touch to your deck. If you plan on utilising your new outdoor space at all times throughout the day and night, installing deck lights may also be an added benefit, allowing and anyone else to see your beautiful new deck no matter the time.

These aren’t all the things that you need to consider when building your deck, but will definitely go a long way in helping you achieve your dream outdoor living space. If you require any further information or assistance with any of the mentioned points or services, then please do not hesitate to contact us today. Call us on 02920 803 756 or email us at info@timbertechuk.co.uk where a member of our customer service team will be more than happy to help.

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Decking is so popular these days because it’s an easy way to add value and versatility to your property. What’s more, it is one of the most pleasurable places people can gather to have a good time. Why not make those late night gatherings on your deck more comfortable by adding some discreet lighting.


Lighting up the decking is the cost-effective solution to this problem, especially if it is done in a visually appealing way. How else can you take full advantage of the visual appeal of the rich colour and texture of the wood? Fortunately, decking lights which can add a touch of class to your decking are now available.

There are several varieties of decking lights to choose from, depending on the kind of setting you want to install them in. You can bathe the entire setting in a glow of light that brings out most of the aesthetic properties of the wood or you can utilise understated but gorgeous light which is just bright enough to serve its function.


Recent innovations in lighting have opened up the possibilities for illuminating the decking. Application of LED lights has recently gained popularity because they consume very little energy and they can easily be placed on, around or in the decking. They are great at adding definition to the decking area. 

LED lights are fabulous looking and they add a bit of discreet elegance to the decking area. Not only are they weatherproof, they are sturdily built and are completely safe to walk on, even in bare feet. You can turn your decking into a safer and more relaxing area by simply lighting up the space. 

There are a number of different ways to use lighting in your garden, but the five most common will be for safety, to increase security, to create atmosphere, create divisions between specific areas of your garden and to highlight specific features.

garden lighting


In the simplest of terms an area outside your home that is well lit at times of darkness is going to be safer. But security lighting does not have to be intrusive. Often one or two well-placed PIR security lights will allow the occupant to see out into their garden adding warmth during cold nights and adding a sense of space, whilst at the same time flooding areas of access with light.


Lighting can help to illuminate gardens during those autumnal evenings where it is still warm enough to sit out, but you need to be guided by some extra lighting. In the same way a garden pond or pool can be made much safer by illuminating it. Use lighting in your porch or above your front door or on the approach to it to decrease risk of falls and gain a greater sense of security. In a similar way, lighting doors and entrances to and from your home make the experience safer and also more welcoming from guests arriving or leaving.

Create atmosphere

The use of lighting within your home can create a variety of moods and atmosphere; so too in your garden. Use lighting to accent trees, flowers, bushes and shrubs, and create atmospheric shadows.

Divide areas

Using lighting to separate distinct areas of your garden can provide definition and broaden the feel of your garden. If you have a patio area, light it for functionality; if you have a pond, throw light onto it and not only make it less of a hazard in the dark but let it throw light off the water’s surface for a very different area of illumination. Highlight pathways and separate flower beds.

composite decking lighting

Highlight features

Use concealed or low level lighting to highlight specific areas and features in your garden. Or flood features such as ponds and pools, gazebos and archways with light to really bring them out. There are many types of outdoor lighting and it is possible to find almost anything necessary to do the job.

Make a feature of your garden path by lighting it either from above, mid height, or low level.

To see how our range of lighting can help illuminate your garden check out our outdoor lighting section.


Ground and decking lights are a stylish, modern and energy efficient way to add lighting to your outside living area. So if you are thinking about giving your garden an overhaul in time for summer, our decking lights may be the perfect addition that you are looking for.

LED lights come with a huge number of benefits:

They are cheap to run: lighting your garden shouldn’t cost the earth. Our LED lights will help create gorgeous depth and definition in your garden without costing the earth.

Energy efficient:  Our decking lights use little electricity, which in turn means that our decking lights produce very little carbon.

Manufactured using Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel: many decking lights are manufactured using an inferior grade 304 stainless steel which is prone to tarnish and eventually corrode. Our 316 stainless steel means that you will not replace your decking lights because the quality of the casing has diminished.

Our Decking lights are available with either a clear lens, which produces a sharp, crisp lighting to your garden, or a frosted lens for a more subtle and ambient feel.


If you are looking for a stylish, modern garden lighting solution, then our LED Deck lights are the ideal choice. Click here for more information, or Contact Timber Tech for a quotation.  

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