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We at TimberTech are very proud of our reputation as an environmentally friendly enterprise. A lot of decking products are decidedly unfriendly as far as the environment is concerned, and we're pleased to offer an alternative solution that consumers don't have to feel guilty about purchasing.

So what makes our decking such a green choice? It's all to do with the way it's made. Whereas the hardwood decking industry relies on deforestation, our eco-friendly composite wood decking is made of recycled materials, which means that no trees whatsoever are cut down to make TimberTech's high-performance deck boards. Instead, we use wood from the furniture and flooring industries that would otherwise be thrown away; this is then turned into wood flour and combined with high-grade polymers to create a truly outstanding product that's both stronger and greener than traditional timber decking.

Of course, reducing deforestation and keeping usable wood out of landfills are just two of the ways in which we fulfil our environmental responsibilities here at TimberTech. Here are some other examples of how we're minimising our impact on the world around us:

  • All of our packaging is 100% recyclable
  • Our recycled decking requires no chemical treatment, which keeps harmful agents out of the ecosystem
  • We are compliant with ISO 14001 standards
  • Our products have a significantly longer lifespan than other decking materials, reducing wastage
  • Our manufacturing processes use energy-efficient lighting and a closed loop water system
  • TimberTech's outdoor lighting products use low-voltage bulbs

As you can see, we really do lead the pack when it comes to being green. If you want to add a deck to your property without causing undue harm to the world around you, TimberTech's recycled decking is the perfect choice - click here to order a free sample, or visit our Eco Decking page for more information.

Grey may not seem like a particularly exciting colour, but it has been enjoying a surge in popularity of late (perhaps thanks in part to E.L. James). Grey floors, grey walls, grey furniture...the whole interior design world has gone grey-gaga, with homeowners and professionals alike abandoning harsh, bright colours en masse in favour of the stylish, modern look offered by neutral grey designs.

But it's not just interiors that look great in grey - those gorgeous designs work just as well in outdoor living spaces!

Here at TimberTech, we offer a variety of grey composite decking options that could well be perfect for your garden. If you're looking to revamp and modernise your outdoor space, try one of the following:

VertiGrain Grey Garden Decking

VertiGrain Grey

VertiGrain is TimberTech's best-selling decking range. It can be installed using our CONCEALoc® system, which leaves no visible fixings and produces a sleek, seamless finish that perfectly complements the stylish appearance of these eye-catching grey boards.


Reliaboard Grey Deck Boards 

Reliaboard Grey

Reliaboard decking has a flat wood grain that looks just like authentic timber decking. This effect contrasts stunningly with the ultra-modern appearance of Reliaboard Grey decking boards - click here to see more photos.

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Composite decking suppliers

Great Britain is home to a lot of composite decking suppliers, but we at TimberTech UK firmly believe that we offer the best products and the most comprehensive service of all. Here are five reasons to choose us over our competitors:

1. We have a better, higher-quality range of composite decking products than anyone else. From eye-catchingly contemporary designs to more traditional boards that emulate the authentic beauty of real wood, we at TimberTech UK have an exceptionally extensive range of options for customers to choose from; furthermore, our decking products have been proven to outperform almost all others. Click here for further details. 

2. You can see our products in the flesh at our outdoor living showrooms. Why buy your composite decking blind over the web when you could visit one of our showrooms (located in Cardiff and Slough) and take a closer look at what you're purchasing?

3. We'll help you to design your new deck. If you don't already have a firm design in place, our in-house architect can collaborate with you to plan your dream deck and ensure that it's everything you want it to be.

4. We'll also help you to install it! Our professional installation team are experienced and extremely knowledgeable - they've been working with composite decking for decades, and they'll complete your project to a very high standard indeed.

5. We are the decking specialists. For many of our competitors, composite decking is just one product in a whole range of outdoor accessories. TimberTech UK, on the other hand, specialise in composite decking, which means that we know a lot more about the products we sell and how they perform once installed.

If you're ready to begin your TimberTech journey, give us a call on 029 2037 1584 or click here to order a free sample of our top-quality composite decking.

As even the briefest glance at TimberTech UK's decking gallery will assure you, the decks that we supply look absolutely fabulous once installed.  The question is, how do you keep your deck looking good going forward?

The answer, happily, is a fairly short one. One of the best things about composite decking is the fact that it requires practically zero maintenance, staying beautiful with minimal effort on your part (click here to learn more about the low-maintenance properties of our decking range).

However, while caring for composite decking is a significantly less labour-intensive task than looking after other materials, there are still a few things you can do to ensure that your TimberTech deck continues to look as good as it possibly can:

  • Power washing your deck every so often is a great way to ensure its continued high performance. While this method can cause wooden decks to become slippery and damaged, this is not a problem for our composite wood boards, which are far less absorbent than their traditional timber counterparts.

  • We also recommend using deck cleaner to keep your deck in peak condition. Feel free to contact TimberTech UK if you'd like us to recommend a suitable deck cleaning product.

And that's just about it - caring for our composite decking really is as simple as the occasional wash and clean!

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Capped composite decking

In case you haven't heard, capped composite decking is the latest revolution to rock the outdoor flooring industry. Capped deck boards come with a protective, water-resistant sleeve that keeps moisture from being absorbed into your deck; not only does this prevent staining and water damage, it also means that any spills or mess can be wiped clean away without leaving a trace.

So, what capped products do we at TimberTech UK have to offer?

Our flagship capped decking collection is called EasyClean Terrain - it was one of the first capped ranges available in the UK, and it's become one of our most popular options of all. Our EasyClean Terrain+ Silver Maple boards were even featured on ITV!

Then there's EasyClean Legacy, our premium capped decking range. It comes a variety of different colours - including Tigerwood - which can be combined to create eye-catching patterns like the one shown above.

Click here to order a FREE sample of our capped composite decking!

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